Site Stacker Release 2.42

  • Fix a database error when trying to update to 2.41.x, on Windows
  • Prevent the campaign 'is_disabled' flag from being reverted to "false" when saving/updating an item.
  • Prevent some errors when creating a person record and a content item via the API.

  • Don't copy the 'locked' date when refunding a contribution.
  • Fixed an issue where the date variable for offline contribution receipts was the current date instead of the provided date.
  • Added status field to "Recurring Scheduling Updated" system message
  • Added "Last Received" column to the Recurring view that shows the last contribution date.
  • Added paymentType and paymentLastFour system message variables to the contribution receipt system message
  • Fixed an issue where spark recurring reminders would not trigger

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with PDF renderer wkthmltopdf version 0.12.6
  • Fix "Add Photo" on a profile, resulting in an "Interval Server Error" message.
  • Fixed an issue with the Record Type filter used in the grid framework where options like "Has all of", and "Has none of" would not
  • be set on the fields when loading saved views
  • Added ability to clear values for Gender, Title, Suffix, Marital Status, and Shirt Size values in CRM admin edit window
  • Improve performance when exporting a large number of pdf files from a report. Tested with 5,000+ pdf files (10,000+ pages) creating a 3.5 GB single pdf file.
  • Added ability to update Entities and Architect Items via Import tool
Historic Gifts
  • Changed to take donor_type into account when matching donor records during import
  • Added new setting for "Historic Donor or Affiliate or Soft Credit" grid filter to also include household members
  • Added several new settings for the historic giving metrics module
  • New setting to use raw amount instead of USD amount
  • New Date Range for All Time
  • New Custom Query condition
Payment Processors
  • Simplified error messages in Sage Payment Processor
  • On filters, fix the useless request that was fired when an empty group was created, with no conditions on it
  • Add a new 'Confirm' configuration for report links to be able to display a confirmation dialog before clicking on a link.
  • Prevent content items from being moved to a folder with a different content type.
  • Added import functionality for Security Tags and Security Tag Assignments.
  • Added acl_tag_id and acl_tag_external_id to import templates where Security Tags are involved.
  • Added external_id field for import usage on Person Notes / Crm Entities / Person Email
  • Improve Record Password functionality. Prevent "Sorry. We are unable to recover the password for this account."
  • error that is returned in some remote cases.
  • Improve Initiate Password functionality. Prevent "Sorry. We are unable to initiate the password recovery for this account." error that is returned in some remote cases.
  • Added site channel settings that allow changing texts for various login errors.
  • Added SAML attributes validation to prevent login issues when using SAML logins from different IDPs

Other small fixes and stability improvements.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep, 2023 at 9:21 AM

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