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We are excited to announce our recently updated Site Stacker Support Guidelines. We have heard your concerns and have made some adjustments that will help us serve you even better. Please take some time to review the attached updated guidelines below. 

We know that every dollar you spend is important to your mission and your goals as an organization. We want to continue to offer you a bit more clarity as to what we will be billing you in support. One of the biggest updates we have made in this area is that all billable work that needs to be done for you in support will not be done unless you approve it. 

In other words, when you bring an issue to support, we will work on it and investigate the issue at no charge to you. If the item needs work done due to a misconfiguration or another issue that is not a bug, then you will receive an estimate from the support team. That estimate will let you know how much it will cost to fix the issue and then if you approve the estimate, we will get the work done for you and bill you once the work has been completed. Any billable work done on support issues will only be done per your approval.

You will never be charged for billable work unless you approve the estimate. 


How does Support Work?

For help and support with Site Stacker, just open the "Chat Bubble" at the bottom of our training site at or at


What happens when I use the Chat Bubble?

Our support team monitors conversations during the support hours of 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST, Monday - Friday. If you have a need outside of the support hours, you can still use the Chat Bubble and we'll pick up the conversation on the next business day. If for some reason you are not able to use the Chat Bubble, which is the quickest way to get help, you can email us at [email protected].

When is Support free?

Chat or Email Support is ALWAYS free unless there is a configuration or user error discovered in our investigation of a reported issue. You have unlimited access to the Site Stacker Support Chat Bubble and the website as free resources for you to use.


When is a Support Issue billable?
If a configuration or user error is discovered by our investigation of the reported issue, the following will occur:

1. If it’s something you can fix on your end, we will send you detailed instructions on how to resolve the issue.
2. If not, we will send you an estimate through email stating the time and cost to resolve the configuration/user error.
3. No further work will be completed until the estimate sent to you is approved.
4. WMTEK will not perform billable work unless there is an approved estimate with documented scope of work.

Why is this beneficial?

You will never be charged for billable work that you’re not aware of. All work is free until an estimate is agreed upon. We hope this encourages your team to utilize our support services without fear of being billed unexpectedly. We want to serve you! 

What type of issues would prompt an estimate for billable work? (Click here for our full price list.)

  • The issue is caused by misconfigurations or faulty usage of the product. In these cases, we will point out the cause of the mistake and direct you to training resources to help you resolve the issue. If you want our team to resolve the issue for you, it would be billable.
  • The issue is caused by a third-party integration. All changes, questions, meetings and data cleanup performed as a result of third-party integration with SS will be billable. Third-party integrations include custom integrations with accounting software, DMS software, and some processor integrations.
  • If you need assistance with implementing our API. Clients must pay for all additions, questions, and assistance with the SS API. However, we support any issues that may be present in our API endpoints and webhooks.
  • You are self-hosted. Clients must pay for all questions, meetings, changes, and issues that are related to their self-hosted server. We support for free any server-related issues for clients hosted with WMTEK.
  • You want personalized help or training instead of using the free training resources provided at Our first attempt to resolve any questions you might have will be to point you to the free resources that will help you. If you desire one-on-one help, that is per request and will be billable.
  • An issue with your template that is due to the changing technology in web browsers is billable.
  • An issue with your template that is due to the use of outdated or unsupported browsers is billable.
  • The issue is in custom features WMTEK developed for you that are not part of the core Site Stacker application. Clients must maintain the ongoing support of their own custom features at their own cost. 
  • However, any features developed by WMTEK that are released as part of the core product will be fully supported by WMTEK.
  • SSL Renewals are billable at a minimum of 1 hour per renewal in addition to the cost of the SSL.
  • Motion 2 and Other Complex ConfigurationsSite Stacker is a very powerful tool with thousands of configurable options. 
  • Many of the more advanced features were designed for the use of professional implementers with hundreds or even thousands of hours of product training and experience.
  • In some cases, Site Stacker clients use these same advanced tools, such as Motion 2 and data import tools, in order to implement their projects at less cost. 
  • While WMTEK will support each client in these use cases, our free support is limited to providing our clients with help and training resources they can use to build and troubleshoot their own work. 
  • In the event a client needs help with consultation, configuration, troubleshooting, etc, WMTEK will need to charge hourly.
  • If you foresee yourself needing considerable ongoing support for configurations and automated workflows, talk to us about setting up an enterprise support agreement.

Quote Request Forms

All quote requests will be reviewed and investigated by our team at no cost to you. Once a scope has been determined, we will reach back out to you for your approval before scheduling any billable work.


What are Chat Transcripts?

Once your issue is resolved and the chat is closed, you will receive an email transcript of the chat for your use as a reference to the chat conversation. If you need to address that same chat issue, please feel free to respond to that particular chat transcript email.


What if my issue needs to be a Support Ticket?

Good news! You no longer have to manage your own tickets. If the conversation you start in the Chat Bubble needs to be a ticket, our support team will take care of that for you, and all updates will come directly to your email. A ticket number will be assigned to each support ticket created. If you want to check in on the progress of the ticket, just search for the last email you received about the ticket and reply to it.


How do I request a quote for new work to be done by WMTEK?

You can initiate a request for a quote from the Chat Bubble.

How do I suggest a feature?

WMTEK loves it when our clients help us know how to make Site Stacker better. You can send your feature suggestions through the FEATURE SUGGESTION option in the Chat Bubble. When we receive them we will pass the idea to our product team for consideration for a future release. We can't make promises that your feature requests will always be acted on, but as you know, our desire is to make the Site Stacker product wonderful to use!


Training Guidelines

  • Training Sessions are scheduled meetings which focus 100% on training a client on the Site Stacker product
  • There will not be any implementation work or product support work done during the training session
  • There will not be any follow-up implementation work or product support done after the training session by our WMTEK team members.
  • If there is a support item or work needed brought up during the training session, the client will be directed to the following options:
    • Quote Request form for work needed
    • Support chat for product support
  • Training sessions are scheduled for specific client-requested categories of the product. The requested category will be the only category covered within the training session.
  • If there is a need to cover another category of the product, there will need to be a separate training request submitted after the training session is completed.
    • Example: A training session is scheduled for Site Planner. Our WMTEK will not be covering any questions about Motion 2.5 or any other training category during that training session. But will instead direct the client to the training request form to request a separate training session for Motion 2.5.

Q: When do the update support guidelines take effect?
A: The updated support guidelines will take effect as of the date of this email

Q: Do these new guidelines apply to tickets that are currently open, pending, or recently closed?
A: The new guidelines will not be retroactive. All that have already been assigned to our team to work on will fall under our previous guidelines structure

We appreciate your understanding and patience. If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team at [email protected]

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep 2023 at 01:39 PM

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