Mailchimp: What cases can cause records not to sync in Mailchimp?

The Site Stacker - Mailchimp integration helps with CRM record syncing back to Mailchimp making it easy for an admin to manage records. There are two main integrations Site Stacker has in regard to Mailchimp. First, an admin can export records to their Mailchimp account including Record Types (Tags in Mailchimp) to an existing Newsletter list. Second, we also have the Newsletter Signup module in Site Stacker that sends data back to Mailchimp as well. This means that you can publish a Newsletter Sign-Up form in Site Stacker, and it sends the record automatically to the Mailchimp Newsletter.

Please refer here for more Mailchimp information.

However, there are still some restrictions that may cause data not to sync back to Mailchimp. You may find cases where a Tag does not sync in Mailchimp, or CRM records in Site Stacker that are not found in Mailchimp. All contacts from Site Stacker, that have an email, are exported to a new list in Mailchimp using the export to Mailchimp action, then the sync will happen automatically every 'x' time, defined in the Mailchimp Cron in Site Stacker (can't be less than 30 minutes), from Site Stacker to Mailchimp but never in the opposite way.

Reasons why a record might not be in sync:

1. The record was not exported using Site Stacker export to Mailchimp action.

2. The record was imported in Mailchimp from a different source.

3. The record was first exported from Site Stacker to Mailchimp and then edited in Mailchimp.

4. The Mailchimp account has custom merge fields configured, those will never be in sync since Site Stacker handles the following merge fields:

5. The Mailchimp account has different tags than record types in Site Stacker.

6. The Mailchimp account reaches a limit of contacts, hence, Site Stacker can't add the exported record or sync it.

7. The Mailchimp account reaches a limit of requests.

8. A record type was edited just by changing the case (for example "donor to Donor"). Tags in Mailchimp appear to be case insensitive.

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep, 2023 at 11:12 AM

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