Mailchimp Module for Missionary Dashboards

The Mailchimp module for the missionary dashboard is where a missionary can log-in to their dashboard, add their own Mailchimp API key, and will be able to export CRM records from their dashboard to their own Mailchimp mailing list.

What is required:

Admin Mailchimp API

Mailchimp Configuration module

CRM Module filtered by a relationship between the logged-in person


First, we need to establish a connection between Site Stacker and Mailchimp. This is by adding the Admin Mailchimp API key.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ component in the admin

  • Under the ‘Integration’ drop-down, select ‘Mailchimp’

  • Put the API key and the ‘Mode’, then click ‘Save & Close’

    • Modes:

      • “Strict Mode" will sync the exported records data from Site Stacker to Mailchimp

      • "Non Strict Mode" will sync only the tags that are present in the Site Stacker database and Mailchimp, so if you delete/update a Record Type in Site Stacker you will need to also update the corresponding tag in Mailchimp

      • "Sync Disabled" will not execute any automatic sync operation (useful for export only)

Once you have the Admin API key set, you will then need to publish a page for the missionary to go and add their own Mailchimp API key. This API key is unique to each missionary as this key is only present in their own Mailchimp account.

For a missionary to see their API key, they can:

  • Login to their Mailchimp account

  • Click ‘Account’ in their Mailchimp dashboard

  • Go to ‘Extras’

  • Click ‘API Keys’

Next, you will need to create a page where the missionary can go in and paste their API key. Then, on that page, you will need to publish the ‘Mailchimp Configuration’ module. This is the module where the missionary will need to paste their Mailchimp API key in order for them to export CRM records into their Mailchimp mailing list.

For a missionary to export CRM records, there needs to be a page that uses the CRM module and is filtered by a relationship between the CRM records and the logged-in person. This is crucial as you do not want your missionaries to gain access to all CRM records and be able to add, delete, or edit those records that are not associated with them. Mostly, you will need to add a hidden filter to only show CRM records that have a specific relationship with the logged-in user (missionary).

Once a missionary has that page, they can then select CRM records, and ‘Export’ to their Mailchimp mailing list.

Please Note: The synchronization between Site Stacker and Mailchimp is one way, from Sitestacker to Mailchimp only. This means that any updates or changes to the CRM record, need to happen in Site Stacker.

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 01:04 PM

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