Motion 2 Dependencies

  • CRM Records - CRM creates people records using first name, last name, and email

    • Person records created in CRM are used to create User records and passwords.

  • CRM Entities - CRM Entities control data mapping and storage

    • CRM fields are added in Motion 2 workflows using form field tasks and mapped back to CRM entities.

  • Data Groups - Controls multi-option field selection

    • Data groups control what options appear in a drop-down or checkbox within a field.

  • Users- Grants permissions to CRM records
    • User roles created in Motion 2 pull from User groups to control who can complete a secondary task.
    • User permissions control what Site Planner pages, such as Admin dashboard pages, are visible to a user.

    • User permissions control what CRM entities are visible to a user.
  • Site Planner- Site Planner creates a front-end dashboard using modules
    • The New Motion 2 workflow triggered via kickoff creates a CRM record (if the site user does not already have one) and begins dropping data into the CRM record.
    • Motion 2 workflow triggered via kickoff task creates an instance in Motion 2.
    • Dashboard tasks from Motion 2 are displayed using the Task List Module published in Site Planner.
  • System Messages - Controls notifications sent to user email addresses

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 02:38 PM

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