Event-based Workflows and Group Management in Site Stacker

Site Stacker’s automation and content publishing tools can now be used to manage scheduled events and group processes such as team-based mission trips, fundraising events, and more.


The Opportunity Content Item in Site Planner now supports calendar-based events, either one-time events or recurring events. Additionally, all Motion 2 workflows now support multi-person roles and the option to allow users to complete the same workflow multiple times. In addition to these new features and use cases, existing Motion 2 features have been upgraded in significant ways.

Updated in Site Planner: Opportunity Content Type

The Opportunity Content Item in Site Planner now supports calendar-based events, either one-time events or recurring events. These events can be configured to include a limited number of available spots, called a capacity, or the event can be configured to allow an unlimited capacity. The reservations feature can also be used to reserve a set number of spots for a period of time while the user is completing the registration process on the website. 

Websites that utilize the Base Template already have the Opportunity Content Type available. Clients using custom templates will need to have a custom Opportunity Content Type added to their template in order to support event-based automation. 


New in Motion: Opportunities

A new tab, Opportunities, has been added to Motion 2. The Opportunity tab allows you to manage Site Planner opportunities that are connected to Motion 2 workflows.

Items Screenshot




Categories are used to organize and group Opportunity content items. Defaults for Capacity and the Use Reservations feature can also be set from this view.



The Items section displays all Opportunity content items that have been configured in Site Planner. A content item’s Category, Capacity, Due Date, Kick-off Page, Button Text, as well as the Title, Summary and Body can be edited from this view. If being used, the schedule for the Opportunity can also be managed from this view by right clicking on an item and selecting Manage Schedule.



If the Opportunity will happen at a certain date or time, or if the opportunity represents a recurring event, a Schedule can be created for the event. If a Schedule is being configured, a Start Date is required. Other optional settings include a duration that represents how many days the event will last, as well as a Start Time, End TIme, and Capacity. Within the Schedule, the Repeat setting can also be used to create recurring events at a regular interval.



The Events section displays all upcoming events, based on schedules configured in the Items section. Events displayed in gray text do not have any registrations, while events displayed in black text have active registrations. An event displayed in red text represents an event that has been disabled and is no longer available for registration.

An Event’s Start time, End time, or Capacity can be updated from this view. An event can also be disabled from this view. An existing Event cannot be rescheduled to a different date. Instead, it must be disabled, and then a replacement Event can be created by going to the Items section and managing the Schedule for the related Opportunity Content Item.

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 01:32 PM

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