Spark Event: New Contribution


Site refers to the specific collection of site channels (similar to a multi-site setup) you'd like to reference for this trigger. Most sites have a single site that contains a default site channel and a dashboard site channel. Organizations with multiple languages or multiple offerings may have different sites. By selecting the overall site, this trigger can be applied to any or all site channels within the site group.

Site Channel

A site channel is a specific website channel (your main website, dashboard site, etc) which you'd like to apply a spark event to.

Campaign Category 

Campaign category refers to the type of campaign (created in architect) category you would like to apply the trigger to, whether a project, person, or organization campaign.

Content Folder

Content Folder refers to the folder structure within Content Explorer in the Site Planner component.


Type refers to Online or Offline gift types.

Is Anonymous

This "Yes/No" setting refers to whether a gift is given anonymously by a donor.

Is First Time Donation 

This setting references whether or not this spark will trigger based on a first-time donation to an individual campaign. Note: if set to "yes" then this will trigger each time a donor gives to a new campaign

Is Recurring

This "Yes/No" setting refers to whether a gift is set to be a recurring gift or a one-time gift.

Is First Time Recurring

This refers to whether or not this is the first recurring gift (first run date) on a specific campaign.

Is Last Recurring

This refers to if a recurring gift has an end date then the last recurring run date is what will trigger this. It can also tell that this is the last gift in the recurring process.

Is Original Schedule

Every time a recurring schedule is modified with certain changes an archived clone is left behind and a new schedule is created with the new information.

This checks whether the schedule the gift belongs to is the original one (never modified outstandingly).


A range of gift amount can be set here like 45-47 which means 45.01 all the way to 46.99 will trigger this spark event.

Has Affiliated Person

This spark event will trigger based on whether this gift has an affiliated person attached to it or not (It is a Yes/No field).

Has Soft Credit

The spark event will trigger if the gift has Soft Credit attached to it or not.

Has Tribute Person

The event will trigger if the gift has a tribute person attached to it or not.

Source Code

This can designate whether the spark event should trigger based on if a source code has been used (or not) to give to a particular campaign.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 11:24 AM

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