Site Planner Modules and Components Used for Motion 2 Workflows


When configuring an automated workflow in Motion 2, it is important to configure related modules and components in Site Planner. These modules and components make up the dashboard that allows external users (such as applicants) and administrative users to manage their tasks. 

Note: If you are configuring a simple contact form for your website and do not plan to use dashboard views, the Task Sequence Module will likely be the only Site Planner module needed.

Modules to add for each Motion 2 Workflow

You will need at least one of the following modules for each Motion 2 workflow you publish. 

Task Sequence Module

Displays the kickoff task, or other tasks that need to be displayed outside of the dashboard. Task Sequence Module

Internal Notification Module

Displays Internal Notifications triggered by the workflow. It is recommended to publish it above the primary user's task list.

 Internal Notification Module

Workflow Progress Module

This module can be used to show primary users their progress within the workflow. It will display all landmarks in which the primary user has a task, as well as how many of these tasks have been assigned and completed.

 Workflow Progress Module

Task List Module

Displays tasks to users who play a role in a Motion 2 workflow. You will need one instance of this module for your default primary user role (for example, applicants), and one instance for all of your administrative user roles.

Task List Module

CRM Module (Admins Only)

Displays the CRM person or group records. In the context of Motion 2 workflows, it can be filtered by record types to only show profiles related to a Motion 2 workflow.

 CRM Module

Group Progress Module (Admins Only)

Displays the progress of all primary users in your workflow. Filters can be added to filter this list by record type or be a relationship to the logged-in user. Please note that the module will show primary user tasks, but not admin tasks related to the workflow.

Group Progress Module

Workflow Data Module (Admins Only)

Displays a list of all tasks that have been assigned within a workflow, as well as which tasks have been completed. It can also be used to export all forms completed by a primary user. This module should be published within the record detail pages, using the person parameter in the link to this menu item.

Workflow Data Module

General Modules and Components

Your dashboard will also need the following modules configured. If you already have a dashboard set up, you will simply need to verify that these modules and components are already published. If they are not already published, simply add any that are missing.

Task Component Page

Displays a specific task that was accessed from the task list.

 Task Component Page

CRM Record Module and Supporting Modules

Displays the CRM profile of a specific person or group.

 CRM Record Module

Login Module

Allows Motion 2 roles to log in to the dashboard, using record types for external roles and user groups for internal roles.

 Login Module

Initiate Password, Initiate Password Choose, Recover Password, Recover Password Choose Component Pages

Allows users to create or reset a password.

Initiate PasswordRecover Password

Redirector Module

Redirects logged-in dashboard users to a specific page in the dashboard.

 Redirector Module

Report Module

Site Stacker's Business Intelligence Tools can be used to create relevant reports based on your workflow. Currently, all reports are built by WMTEK staff. To discuss whether we may be able to publish a report in the dashboard based on your needs, please contact us.

Coach Summary Report

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