Site Stacker Release 2.53


  • Added Activity Person filter for Activity Grid.


  • Add read-only endpoints for retrieving offline batches (`ContributionBundle`s) through the API. Also, expose the "bundle" object in the `ContributionBatch` endpoints.''
  • Fix updating the default email on a CRM record through the API. The email was added but it was not replaced as the default one in the CRM record. 


  • Added template setting configuration for household names when creating new CRM Records. 
  • Changed to display notes by household instead of single CRM record. 
  • Added CSV export feature to Activity and Relationship grids. 
  • Added age to the person detail screen. 
  • Added age data column in CRM grids/details. 
  • Changed to have entity person field linkable via a setting in admin details and CRM record module.


  • Changed to not enforce minimum amounts for contributions on the admin side. 
  • Changed to allow negative amount for offline gifts and also allow removal of designation rows on offline recurring gifts.
  • Changed the layout for associated offline recurring gifts dropdown to include soft credit.
  • Added campaign monthly goal to architect import template.
  • Various changes to UI regarding credit card fees in the "My Recurring" module react theme.


Historic Giving

  • Added notes field option to the Historic Giving Debit module.


Payment Processors

  • Added the ability to move payment methods and associated records from one CRM record to another.



  • Fixed an issue with SAML cookies where it would result in a "State Lost" error.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 08:49 AM

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