World Map Module

A video demonstrating how to create a world map in SiteStacker

The World Map module is a tool that can be used to present content on your website. It's a map that utilizes tags in certain content items so that you can present links and data in a unique map format for users on your website.

The default map view of the world, with clickable data in front of continents

To publish this module:

  1. Login to the admin side of SiteStacker.

  2. Go to the Site Planner component.

  3. On the Content Explorer side (the left-hand side), look for the ‘02 Modules’ folder and right-click on it.

  4. Click 'Add Item' and look for the 'World Map' module

  5. Name the module and click 'Save' so it presents additional settings you can use to set the module up. The screenshot below shows your extended options after you hit ‘Save’ once.

    The additional module settings that appear after saving once when adding the world map module

  6. The required fields at the top should match the image above in many cases. The Content Type should be set to “Project”, the Summary View should be set to “Box Summary (Base)”, and the Detail View should be on “Detail (Base)”.

  7. Under each continent, you can set the specific tag to be used as a filter for the content item. The video included in this article includes a quick overview on tagging projects. You can also check out our article on tagging to learn more.

  8. Once you have finished the module setup, you can publish your World Map to a page in the Site Plan side with 'Position - Body' and 'View - Default'.

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 12:48 PM

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