Text-To-Give Option for Site Stacker

Site Stacker does not have a Text To Give tool but it can work with a third-party service. Below is a third-party service that has worked well with Site Stacker.

What is text to give and how does it work?

  1. Use a Text Messaging Service (Slick Text) to create a “short number” people can text to subscribe to the text-to-give service

  2. Ask givers to text a certain word, such as “Donate”, to the short number provided from Slick Text. 

  3. The Text Messaging Service replies to the giver's text with a custom message the organization can create in Slick Text, which will include a link to the checkout page in Site Stacker, with their donation on the mobile-friendly checkout page 

Site Stacker Use Case:

How to Setup and Use Contribution Source Codes

Create source codes for tracking donations from text to give. Use the link above to set up your source codes appropriately and how to apply the source code to the URL. This URL will need to be in your text message reply from Slick Text to be able to track donations in site stacker

Slick Text Use Case:

Slick Text

  • Offers discounts to nonprofits
  • No contracts - only monthly subscriptions
  • When someone texts your keyword to your short code, they'll receive a response back that was customized by you.

- Create an account with Slick Text

- Reserve a keyword that is unique to your organization

- Create an auto-reply message in Slick Text and include the URL to the checkout page with the Source Code

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