Adding A Default Value In A Folder In Content Explorer

What is the advantage of setting a default value?

Adding a default value to a content item will help the admin skip adding those values each time they add new content. One use-case for adding a default value is adding a default tag for that content item. Another use-case is for adding a minimum amount to a content item. You can also set a default image to a folder so that whenever an admin adds a new content item in that folder, it will inherit the image set. When an admin sets a default value to a parent folder of a content type in Site Planner, the set value will be automatically added to a content item each time the admin adds a new item inside that folder.

How do I set a default value?
  • In the Admin view, click the 'Site Planner' component.
  • On the Content Explorer side, right-click on a folder you wish to set a default value for.
  • Click 'Manage Default Content'.
  • Choose a field where you wish to add a default value. (Example is adding a minimum amount).
  • Click 'Save & Close'.
Note: Adding the default value will only affect NEW content items that will be added in the folder. Existing content items prior to adding a default value will not inherit the changes. 

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 09:28 AM

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