Add an Up-Sell to the Checkout Page

Once a donor is ready to complete their online contribution, they will be redirected to the check out page. An optional add-on item can be added to the checkout using the Checkout Campaign Checkbox module. When an add-on item is available, selecting the checkmark will automatically add the item to the cart and update the checkout total. 

Important Notes

  • Your template may require minor template changes in order to correctly render the add-on item on your checkout page. Please check with our team if you are unsure if your template would require changes.
  • It is recommended to test these settings on a sandbox site before publishing them to a live site. 


Checkout screenshot

Instructions for Setup

Checkout screenshot 1

  1. In Site Planner, create a giving Campaign for your add-on campaign. Make the project unsearchable, and ensure that this Campaign will not be found on the site with other giving projects. It should only be accessible on the checkout page as an add-on item. 
  2. In Site Planner, navigate to the Modules folder (and Contributions subfolder, if available), right click, and select Add Item. 
  3. In the Module field, choose the Checkout Campaign Checkbox
  4. In the Campaign field, choose the campaign that will be used as the optional add-on item. Please note that the selected Campaign should not be accessible on the website outside of the checkout page. If it is available on other parts of the site and the user selects it, the add-on item will appear checked when they arrive at the checkout page. 
  5. In the Gift Amount field, choose the amount that will automatically be added for this campaign. Note that the user will be able to edit the amount after adding the item to their cart, unless a minimum and/or maximum gift amount has been configured for the chosen campaign.
  6. In the Label field, add the text that will be displayed in the checkout. For example "I would like to contribute $3 for the home office."
  7. Select the Show Learn More setting if you would like to include a link next to the label. If you enable this setting, you will then choose Text label and a Site Page link for your link. You can also choose whether the link should open in the current browser window and tab, or in a new browser tab. 
  8. Save and Close the module. 
  9. Drag the Checkbox Campaign Checkout module to your checkout page. Use the same Position and View settings as the Check Out module. 

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 10:54 AM

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