Using Anchor Tags for Linking to Page Sections

What Are Anchor Tags?

Anchor Tags are used like bookmarks throughout your site. You can set links on your site to bring your users to specific sections of specific pages and helps a user to find the exact information that they are interested in.

Steps for Adding Your Anchor Tag

  • Make sure that you are logged into your SiteStacker installation.
  • Find the page and section that you would like to have the Anchor Tag linked to.
  • Depending on the section you would like visitors to see, you will need to right-click on the module and Show in Explorer
  • Drag and drop that same module above your existing one but with the Basic (Base) View

Anchor Tags - Anchor View

Linking to Your Anchor Tag:

  • Now that you have set up your Anchor Tag, it is time to add the link!
  • Find the menu that you would like to set up the link
  • Right-click and 'Manage Menu Items'
  • Right-click and 'Add' to add the link, which will be input into the Custom Link field
  • Please note that whatever the alias is of your Anchor item in Site Planner will be used in the URL to link to (This is what refers to the specific section of the page)

Example: Your URL should look something like this is the alias for your object is test-123:

  • Once you have set up the link, choose 'Save & Close' on both the 'Add Link' and 'Edit Menu' windows 
  • You can now test if your link is working properly by previewing the page with your menu, click on the link and see where it takes you!

Setting Up the Custom Link for an Anchor Tag

Anchor Tags - Link Setup

What Your Page URL Will Look Like When Link is Clicked

Anchor Tags - Page View

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