How To Redirect a URL

When to Redirect

Redirecting a URL is a great feature if you ever want to shorten a URL or keep the same URL that you had before transitioning to Site Stacker. There are also times that you may want to change a web page or folder and utilize redirects to fit your needs.

How To Redirect

  1. Open Site Planner.
  2. After you are in Site Planner on the 'Site Plan' (right-hand) side you will need to right click on the 'Site Channel'  s8H3LmC4AvP2kqWba0Hd3jHFmF4KM_U-7g linking icon then click 'Edit'.   alt text- the site channel icon
  3. In the window that appears, go to the “Redirects” tab.   Any redirects will appear in the list here.


    alt text- a site channel’s list of redirects

  4. When adding a redirect, do not include your website’s full name.  For example, if you want to redirect the page “about-us”, just type /about-us and not
  5. Alternately, if you right-click and edit an individual web page, you’ll see a redirect tab here as well.  Any redirects you add will be for this particular web page.  All changes on the webpage level can also be viewed on the master site channel list laid out in the steps above.

Modified on Mon, 02 Oct 2023 at 10:23 AM

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