Configuring Modules

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- Set up a search module for bringing in Missionaries, Projects, Articles, and Children

A module is a 'native' tool in Site Stacker where a user can configure it to show specific data. There are a number of different modules in Site Stacker that are used in different use cases. For example, we have a module that can be published to show all 'Contributions' data. We also have a module to publish the 'Profile' page so a user can edit their profile, and we also have modules for publishing motion 2 forms, or third-party integrations.

Each module can be configured according to what use case it will be used for. For example, we have a module called 'Historic Transaction Grid' which pulls the data from the Historic Giving component. If you 'edit' this module, you can see how the module functions and what data it can pull from.

You can also set 'Filters' to some modules so you can filter out what specific data can only show. For Example, you can add a filter for Household ID and set it so that the data that shows will only be associated with the logged-in user.

Within a module, you can also set which columns will show on the front side. For example, the image below uses the 'Historic Transaction Grid' module, and if you edit this, you can see the sections for the 'Filters' and 'Columns'.

Usually, modules are pre-configured before going live as each organization tends to have different use cases on what data to present.

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