Configuring Your Checkout Page Layout

Recently we made updates to our current Checkout page and have noticed a few things with most of our clients. We thought it would be great if we documented these changes and provided information so you could implement these changes on your SiteStacker installation! Here is a breakdown of what we noticed with some clients:

  1. Most of our clients stay within the U.S. whereas others may have people giving outside of the U.S., so having the ability to have a default country would be great!
  2. Some of the functionality for Combo Boxes (Dropdowns + Input Text) was off on Mobile devices, which would cause some fields not to work properly, so we decided to simplify it!
  3. Some clients don't like the wording on some of our buttons and we understand and have given the ability for you to change more on your checkout page!

For the first issue of the fields not rendering or capturing information properly, we have changed the fields as follows:

We have removed the State dropdown and have added a Change Country button at the top of the form, which will add to the State dropdown once somebody clicks on it. This will eliminate any extra steps needed to checkout.

Checkout Config - Change Country Link

As for the second issue, we have resolved these functionality issues by doing the following:

The City field was a Combo Box and has been converted to a text field where people can now just type in their City name. As for the State Combo Box where you could type in it to search through a dropdown before is now only a dropdown! You can configure these new fields to show by going to Sites > Manage Components (Site Channel level) > Locations > Check > Disable Legacy Address > checkbox > Save & Close

Checkout Config - Address Fields

Lastly, we had the default text on some of the buttons that clients wanted to change, such as the Add Card button and the Recurring Title of the recurring section!

For the Recurring title, there is a new setting located in Sites > Site Channel > Manage Components > Contributions > Recurring Title

Checkout Config - Recurring Title Text

For the Add Card text, there has also been a new setting added to Sites > Site Channel > Manage Components > Payment Processors > Add Card Button Text

Checkout Config - Add Card Text

Having trouble configuring these newly added and reconfigured Checkout page fields? We would be glad to assist you!

Modified on Fri, 06 Oct 2023 at 01:30 PM

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