Adding Variables for Repeatable Entities or Repeatable Field Sets

How to do this

When creating anything that will render repeatable field sets you will need to make sure that you are using the correct variables. When you are editing anything that could possibly use variables, locate the repeatable field set you would like to render. We will be using “Example Variable” as our variable.

Repeatable Fieldset Example

{foreach $Applicant.0.entities.Mobilization_6.TypeOfMinistry.ministry_interest as $ministry_interest_item} {$ministry_interest_item.selection}, {/foreach}

How to set it up

Begin with: {foreach $Applicant.0.entities.Mobilization_6.TypeOfMinistry.ministry_interest as $ministry_interest_item} {* process array items *} {/foreach} End with: {foreach $Applicant.0.entities.Mobilization_6.TypeOfMinistry.ministry_interest as $ministry_interest_item} {$ministry_interest_item.selection}, {/foreach}

Repeatable Entities Example

{foreach $Contact.0.entities.Family_11.Child as $Child_item}





How to Set Up

  • You will see variables to the left or right of the item you are editing and what each part of the variable is when you click on the dropdown arrow next to the variable’s name.
  • Double-click on the high-level variable (this will have brackets ‘[ ]’ or ‘( )’ around it).
  • You will see that a formula pops up stating that for eachExampleVariable, this will now become ExampleVariable_item.
    • Example: {foreach $Contact.0.entities.Family_11.Child as $Child_item} {* process array items *} {/foreach}
  • Remove the part stating {* process array items *} and replace that with a data variable of your choosing.

Modified on Thu, 14 Sep 2023 at 08:50 AM

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