Overview of Menus

How to Add/Edit/Delete Menu Items:

Menus are tools that make it possible for a user to investigate your site and learn more about your mission. There are several types of menus that you can utilize in your Site Stacker site. The menu items are simple to modify and customize, and they allow you to insert custom links and links to pages in your website.

Header Menu:
The Header Menu is displayed at the top of your Site at all times, allowing for easy access and navigation for users throughout your Site. This menu is used to highlight the most prevalent pages that a user should explore.

Footer Menu:
The Footer Menu is displayed in the footer of your Site at all times. This may contain more items than the header menu.

Flyout/Full/Hamburger Menu:
You may choose to have a Flyout Menu tucked away in the top right corner of your site. This is the menu where you can include all of the extra pages that add to your site's content.

Your Site is already equipped with these menu items. You have the ability to add, delete, and modify the items included in these menus, and to make them most effective for your site.

Adding/Editing Menu options:

There are two ways to access and modify the menus that are used on your site:

  • On the 'Content Explorer' side of the Site Planner component, you can access the Menus by going into the 'Menus' folder, and double-clicking on one of the existing menu items. (You can also right-click on the item and click 'Edit'.)
  • On the 'Site Plan' side, you can right-click on the 'All Folders' folder, and then click on the 'View Assigned Content'. Here you can view all of the content items that are displayed globally on your site (including the menus that are being used), and then access the menu items in the same way.

Once you have clicked 'Edit', you are able to click 'Manage Menu Items' to open the window of the current menu items included in the menu (i.e. the 'Full Menu' and its items that are displayed across the top banner of the site).

By right-clicking on 'Menu Items', you can 'Add' a new menu item to the list displayed. In the 'Add' window, you will give the item a Name that will be displayed in the header, and you will link it to either an existing page in your site or to a custom URL:

  • If you want the menu item to link to an existing page living on your site, you will click the 'Site Page' dropdown and select the page you want to link to.
  • If you want the menu item to link to a webpage from outside your site, you will paste your desired URL into the 'Custom Link' field, without choosing a page from your site.

You may also choose the menu item's 'Target', which dictates whether the link will open up in a new page (the '_blank' option), or in the same page the user is viewing (the '_self' option).

You may use the same steps from above to add subitems to the main menu items. On your site, these subitems will be made contained in dropdown lists below the main menu headers.

You may drag the menu items to rearrange the order that they will appear on the site.

Deleting Menu options:
You also delete existing menu items as you customize your menus. You can access the menu items using the steps above, right-click on the item you want to delete, and click 'Delete'. This item will be removed from the menu.

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