Publishing a Content Item

  1. To publish a content item or folder of content items click and drag that content item from Content Explorer to the page you are publishing it to in Site Plan. When you see the green plus sign you can release your content items.
  2. You will now see the “Site Plan Assignment” pop-up. The “Position” and “Views” seen in the pop-up are unique to your template. The position defines where on your page you are publishing to and the “View” defines what you want it to look like. Most templates have one main position that you will be publishing to on a regular basis, generally, this is the body or center of your template that is located below the header and above the footer.
  3. Once you have chosen your Position you can now choose your view. Views will give your data structure and style on the front side of your website. Views are also specific to each content type.
  4. Sometimes a view will also have view classes available for it. These view classes allow you to further extend the function and styling of your view. View classes are unique to each template, so we recommend taking some time to go through your view classes so you are familiar with them and understand how they affect your views.
  5. If a content item has a defined label it will be displayed in Site Plan. Labels are especially helpful when publishing wrappers, they allow you to add contextual names to your wrappers so you will know at a glance what is contained with the wrapper. The label will never show up on the front side of your website, it is only there to help you as the user.
  6. Visibility plays an important role in the context of a full view. You can learn about those settings in our full-view article.
  7. Folder settings and tags can help you limit or define how you want a folder of content items to work. You can learn more about these settings in our article on folders.

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