Reference Requests in Motion 2

Can an applicant edit their reference's name or email address after they have listed a reference?
Yes. Please note that doing so will resend the reference request to the reference.

Can two applicants list the same person as a reference?

Once an applicant submits a reference request, can they then go back and change the reference request and list a different person instead?
No. The reference request forms allow an applicant to update the information for the person they chose, but if an applicant tries to edit a reference request by changing it to a different person, the system will view this as an update to the original person's information, not as a new person.

For this reason, it may be advisable to configure the task so that references cannot change the reference form at all. This can be done by configuring the "Completed Redirect" field and redirecting them to a page that explains that they should contact an admin if they would like to make changes. 

How to Change the Reference Request to a New Person Once an Applicant Has Already Submitted the Request

  1. If an applicant would like to completely change a reference request after it was submitted, an admin will need to complete the following steps. Please note that only advanced admin users should do this. If you are not sure how to complete the following steps, please contact our support team for assistance.
  2. Go to the applicant's instance in Motion 2, and un-assign the reference request task in which the applicant would like to list a new person.
  3. Next, un-assign the reference task that was assigned to the reference that should be removed.
  4. Search the instances for the name of the reference that should be removed. (A reference could be associated with more than one applicant. If the reference's name appears more than once in Instances, be sure to view the instance and verify that is the instance associated with the applicant from Step 1.)
  5. Right-click on the reference's name and select "Remove from Instance". Note: Be sure that you are right-clicking on the reference's name, not the applicant's. If you remove the applicant from the instance, you will no longer have a record of their application.
  6. Go back to the applicant's instance, and reassign the reference request task where they would like to list a new person.

Please note that the above guidelines only apply to reference forms built using Motion 2 Form tasks, not built using the older Reference tasks. If your reference forms are built using the reference task type, please contact our support team for further assistance. 

Modified on Fri, 29 Sep 2023 at 02:55 PM

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