Adding Images to System Messages or Automated Notifications

When editing notifications in System Messages, Motion 2, or Spark, if you would like to add an image, you will need to use a complete URL path, such as Using a shortened URL such as /image.jpg will not render properly in the notification once it is sent.

Images uploaded directly to File Manager and then referenced in the HTML editor will default to shortened URLs, so it is important to modify them to include a complete URL path before saving. While using an image with a local link may appear to render properly when editing the notification, when the notification is sent to a user's email inbox, the shortened URL will no longer be able to point to the original file.

Continue reading to learn how to properly use a complete URL in notifications:

Add an Image to a Notification

  1. Open the notification you wish to edit, or add a new notification in System Messages, Spark, or Motion
  2. Next, click the Insert/Edit Image icon.

Upload 1

Next, copy and paste a link from an external source. Or, select the icon to upload an image to File Manager and store the image on your Site Stacker site.

Image 2

Next, navigate to the correct subfolder or create a new subfolder, and then choose an image by double-clicking on it, or uploading a new image.

Image 3

After selecting an image, you will now need to edit the image URL to include a complete URL path, rather than an incomplete URL. This is what will ensure that your image renders properly when a user receives the email. Update the beginning of your URL with the URL of your website, and click Insert.

Change from:

Change to:

Lastly, save your notification.

You can also verify that the URL is correct by clicking the HTML button in the text editor.


Change From:

Change To:

After reviewing, update the HTML, and save your notification.

Modified on Fri, 29 Sep 2023 at 03:59 PM

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