Site Stacker Release 2.20


  • Switched to the modern Desktop theme in Firefox (same as Chrome)
  • Fixed broken search functionality for some admin grids


  • Added support for sending a token with URLs in system messages that will identify the user when directed to the site. If a different user is logged in they will be logged out and the new user will be put in a "pre-login" stage.


  • Do not show failed or pending transactions on Advocacy Campaign and Advocacy Confirmation pages/li>


  • Added delete functionality for contribution batches
  • Allow My Recurring module to filter by multiple site channels in the module's settings
  • Tribute gifts feature
  •      Activate the tribute gifts feature from the Contributions site channel component settings
  •      Enable Tribute Giving: Two fields will be available in checkout
  • Tribute Type: In Memory Of / In Honor Of
  • Tribute Name: The name of the person
  • Tribute recipient option
  • A form will be available at checkout for the details of a person to be notified about the tribute gift
  •  Tribute data will be available in Contribution and Historic Giving admin grids, and in frontend modules


  • Added setting to show CRM Person ID in CRM Record module

Historic Giving

  • Added recurring start date and recurring end date columns that are populated for each recurring gift made from Contributions
  • Implemented Download report for any selected interval in the Historic GivingChart module
  • Added full address details to historic giving PDF report
  • Added ability to configure chart bar colors in the Support Over Time module
  • Hide the address for anonymous donors in the PDF report from Historic Giving Chart module
  • Added "Sort by Last Name" setting in the Support Over Time module. If this is enabled the records in the PDF report will be sorted by last name/organization name.

Motion 2

  • Added missing instruction notes to fieldsets
  • Fixed issues with identifying the correct person when they belong to multiple roles in the same workflow (e.g.... Applicant, Reference, etc.). in Task List, Workflow Progress, and ----Notifications modules.
  • Fixed issues with some users not being redirected to the correct dashboard after completing a task
  • Fixed delete function for TextBox fields
  • Fixed data group items ordering when rendered as checkbox group or radio group

Payment Processing

  • Added option for disabling the pending flag for check transactions in the iATS gateway
  • Added option for using different refund credentials for iATS


  • New events and outcomes
  • Events
  •   CRM
  •       Person Type Assignment
  •   Motion 2
  •       Person Assigned to Workflow
  •       Task Complete
  • Outcomes
  •   Motion 2
  •       Assign Task

System Messages

  • Added ability to override default sender for each site channel in site channel component settings for "System Messages"
  • Added ability to customize system messages per site channel (previously only per-site customization was available)

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 10:21 AM

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