Rerun Failed Recurring's Feature - System Message


Navigating to Message Configuration

  1. Open your admin portal: {Your Domain}/admin

  2. Go to the System Messages Component

  3. Find the `Contributions - Contributions Declined ` System Message 

  4. Double click the row to open the message configuration

  5. Find the area where you would like to include the link and the text

System Message Logic

  1. To add the appropriate logic 

    1. {if $isRecurring}  This expression should go above the message you intend the donor to read

    2. [text] Add the text you want the donor to be reading below

    3. Update Payment Method In the variables sidebar find ‘{} recurring’ -> click the drop down -> double click ‘UpdatePaymentURL’

    4. {/if} Finally, close the expression 

End Result

  1. Any failed contributions will now include a link to modify the payment method and reprocess the gift in one click. 

    1. {if $isRecurring}
      This is what the donor will see: update payment method

End User Experience:

  1. When a contribution fails for any reason the donor will receive an email

  2. When they click the ‘Update Payment Method’ They will be redirected to fill out the Payment Information form.

  3. Once the new payment method information is filled out and saved, the gift will be reprocessed automatically.

Modified on Tue, 23 Apr 2024 at 10:26 AM

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