Site Stacker Release 2.21


  • Layout improvements for API Logs
  • Date and time filters in API Logs


  • New 'Visible Columns' setting for CSV export in CRM module. When enabled the CSV export will contain only the visible columns in the grid.

Content Map

  • Do not try to load popups if views are not selected in the settings
  • Accept more settings coming from the template


  • A new feature that prevents deleting content items (such as a Project or Missionary) that have contributions attached to it
  • New site channel filter and column for My Recurring module
  • Improved cancellations of PayPal recurring gifts
  • Fixed affiliated field in the "New Contribution" admin form
  • Fixed issue with transaction edit window unable to submit on reversed or refunded transactions with a negative amount

Field Types

  • Added character counter for Text, Text Area, HtmlEditor, and TinyMCE fields
  • New ImageSet field type with the following properties: URL, Alt Text, Brightness, Contrast, Position
  • New LinkSet field type with the following properties: Text, URL, Site Page, Target


  • Integration with LogRocket, a tool that can record everything that happens in the admin and help track down issues (requires subscription)

Motion 2

  • Fixed multi-phone/address field only saving the last record added
  • Fixed tasks assigned to multiple roles only being assigned to one role
  • Fixed unauthorized users being able to access some task assignments


  • New "Sticky Results" setting in the Search Results module. This provides a way to show specific content items at the top of the search results (these only show up on the first page and if no filtering is used)
  • Added ability to configure hidden custom filters in the search module

Settings Component

  • Added new 'Settings' component in Admin, to be used for managing general system settings and integrations with other systems

Payment Processors

  • Added a setting to the iATS gateway for the delay to pending verification cron. After this time has passed if the transaction is not in the "returns" list it will be marked as successful. The default is 8 days
  • Remove the restriction for editing checks saved with the Sage gateway


  • Added ability to order outcomes inside an event
  • New Spark Transformers feature that provides more flexibility for connecting events with outcomes

Task Queue

  • Fixed "Job Stuck in Queue" system message not being sent when a job is stuck

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 01:22 PM

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