Site Stacker Release 2.25



  • Fixed user login during recurring contribution checkout
  • Users were unable to log in using the password fields on the checkout page.
  • New "Match On" setting in the Unknown Giving module
  • This allows matching on Accounting Code instead of External ID.
  • Added ability to disable editing of designations in the “My Recurring” module
  • Added ability to disable editing of canceled recurring gifts “My Recurring” module
  • Added ability to disable editing of the frequency field in the “My Recurring” module
  • Added ability to enable Google reCaptcha in the checkout form
  • This option can be enabled in the site channel settings for the Contributions component
  • Allow the amount to be zero for offline contributions in the “New Contribution” and “New Batch” windows
  • Added ability to use soft credits in the checkout cart
  • Individual gifts can be soft credited to a CRM record. One of the uses of this feature is for attributing gifts to a person.
  • Added quantity and fixed price support for contribution campaigns
  • Campaigns can now be created with a fixed price. The donor will choose the quantity they wish to donate instead of the amount.
  • This can be enabled on the campaign category and a new “Price” field will be available in Site Planner for campaigns belonging to the category.
  • Added forgot password link to the “Thank You” page
  • Added increment/decrement feature for the checkout cart
  • This allows for + / - buttons in template views to increment the quantity/amount of the gift in the cart.
  • Change donor-related filtering to support soft credit person as well alongside the affiliated person
  • Giving grids will now show gifts that you are soft credited on.
  • Updated “account created” confirmation text on the thank you page to be correct regardless of site name
  • Added site setting for removing payment methods if the first transaction fails
  • Can be enabled in the site component settings for the Contributions component with the checkbox “Failed Methods”


  • Change alias field to cut down smaller words for the alias to fit in the max length of the field


  • Allow empty email when saving a person or group
  • People and groups can now be created without an email address.
  • Added "Export All to CSV" functionality to the CRM grid module
  • This will export all records based on current grid filters, not just the ones seen on the page.
  • Added "Photo URL" column to CRM Grid module
  • This column will show the CRM record’s photo path, not the actual image. Can be used for exports.
  • Prevent deletion of CRM records if they have associated contributions or Motion 2 data
  • Added tags filter to CRM Grid module
  • Added support for displaying Datagroup multi-fields in the CRM grid module
  • Removed the “Outside US” checkbox from phone fields and added autodetection for US phone numbers
  • The checkbox was removed from the admin, dashboards, and contributions checkout page.
  • Archive person merge records and show any merged information on the target record
  • Added households support to CRM
  • Every person created in CRM will automatically be assigned to a household. The default household name will be the person’s full name.

Data groups

  • Fixed issue causing data group combos not to save because of empty value

Field Types

  • Fixed max length validation
  • Added spell-check support for the TinyMCE field
  • Spell check can be enabled in the field configuration in Architect, Data groups, CRM Entities, and Motion 2


  • New “Location Content Map” Cesium-based module
  • A new full viewport module that shows a globe view with continent/country and other architect types views
  • New “Heat Map” module
  • A new full viewport module that uses a 2D globe view to show various layers with highlighted country statistics

Historic Giving

  • Fixed issues with negative amounts in the giving chart and also improved the look and feel of the chart
  • New historic giving Statements module
  • A new module using the grid framework that tracks/groups giving data on historical gifts by household
  • New historic giving “Account Balance” module
  • A new module using the historic giving records to show the total amount with various criteria
  • Added historic giving reports
  • Add a 'Historic Giving Reports' module that displays reports similar to how they are displayed in Contributions > Reports > Historic Giving while showing only campaigns owned by the logged user.
  • Added more presets to the historic giving chart that allow filtering up to five years back
  • Change the order of "Support Over Time" preset options
  • Synchronize historic giving credit person fields on CRM record changes
  • Credit person fields will be updated in historic giving if the gift is soft credited to a person who has a CRM record
  • Added ability to edit soft credit fields in the Historic Giving admin window
  • Removed extra unused fields in the historic gift import template and added descriptions to other used ones
  • Removed all donor household-related fields


  • Added a new option to disable sorting on dashboard grid columns
  • This option can be used on all dashboard grid modules.

Motion 2

  • New Statistics module (beta) Dashboard module for instance creation and task completion statistics.
  • Fixed the "Cannot be empty" error when trying to submit some forms due to the CRM entity fields being required


  • Fixed card about-to-expire system message variables
  • Integrated Braintree payment processor
  • Added iframe handling for credit card payments and added new credit card form in Vantiv payment processor
  • Added site setting to disable CVV editing on credit card forms
  • Can be enabled in the site component settings for the PaymentProcessors component with the checkbox “Disable CVV on Card Edit”
  • Save billing addresses on payment methods instead of CRM
  • Billing addresses for payment methods will no longer be affected when a CRM address is changed or deleted.


  • Allow applying filters on the CRM Entity data group fields


  • Change configured redirect URLs to be case-insensitive

Site Planner

  • New Person Content Items module
  • The new module will list content owned by a CRM record
  • Added new features to allow indexing and rendering of content item owner CRM basic and entity data
  • Data from the CRM record that owns the content item can now be used in frontend templates.
  • This allows for the creation of content types with no fields (eg. Missionary, Child) where all data is stored in CRM.
  • Added tags filter to Content Grid module
  • New visibility condition for checking the presence of a URL parameter
  • Allows for showing/hiding an item in the front end based on a URL GET parameter. Example:


  • Added “Construct Entity Field” spark outcome
  • Allows for saving data in a CRM entity field
  • Added “Historic Gift Create” spark event
  • Added option to create item only if it does not exist in “Content Item Create” outcome
  • Added a Searchable option in the “Create Content Item” outcome
  • Added amount conditions to “Historic Gift Create” spark event

System Messages

  • Added file attachment capabilities


  • Template Inheritance
  • This allows for the creation of a full-featured “Base” template and “Child” templates with only small changes in views and style.
  • Can be used when templates are very similar to each other to make them easier to maintain.


  • Session groups
  • In a scenario where a user belongs to multiple groups, this feature allows only a subset of those groups to be active. It can be used to show different dashboard configurations for the same user.
  • Added SAML identity provider support
  • SiteStacker can now be used as a SAML IDP for single sign-on integration with other applications.


  • Integration with Virtuous CRM & Marketing Platform

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 01:32 PM

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