Site Stacker Release 2.26


  • Added support for using UTC dates in the search params for GET requests

  • New Newsletters endpoints

  • New CRM file endpoints


  • Checkout Campaign Checkbox module
    Added Checkout Campaign Checkbox module that will allow a predefined campaign to be rendered as a quick give checkbox in the checkout page.

  • Added “Automatic” flags on contribution transaction and payment processor transaction
    Records processed by the recurring cron will be flagged with the automatic flag. Flags can be shown and filtered in admin grids.

  • Added empty text for tribute type dropdown in checkout page

  • Added accepted cards credit card icon for debit card on the checkout page

  • Added option to hide saved addresses when adding a new payment method on the checkout page>
    This feature can be enabled from the site component settings for the Contributions component, using the checkbox “Hide Saved Addresses”

  • Added campaign info details when managing folder default values The default can be managed by right-clicking on a campaign folder in Content Explorer and selecting “Contribution Campaign Defaults”. Currently, recurring fixed amounts can be managed at the folder level, with more settings coming soon.

  • Ability to add price variations to each campaign in a category that uses quantities Price variations can be managed from the “Campaign Info” section of content items associated with a quantity based campaign category. Each variation will have a label and a price. Additional changes will be necessary in site templates to display the list of variations.


  • Change Person details tooltip to handle missing/deleted CRM records

  • Add ACL roles for controlling all fields in the CRM Record module Person Details tab New roles were added in Components / People / CRM / Person

  • Added marital status and wedding anniversary columns to CRM Grid module

  • Reload domain list in Impersonate menu when a domain is added/removed on a site channel

  • Enforce ACL Entity access in CRM Record module PDF export

  • Link to specific entities in CRM Record module
    When scrolling through a long list of entities the URL will update with the entity that’s currently being displayed. When refreshing the page or reusing the URL the page will maintain its scroll position

  • Added email field in CRM record module for group records as well

Historic Giving

  • Fixed occasional corrupted PDF files when printing statements

  • Added household fields to historical giving grid


  • Added Import endpoint for CRM Files Added secure file uploads section in Import admin to manage secure files destined solely for import purposes. The Secure files section can be accessed with the “Secure Files Upload” button on the right side of the top toolbar.

  • Added tribute fields to historic gift import

  • Added multi-field support in CRM Entity import

  • Removed redundant fields from various import templates and added missing descriptions for some fields

  • Added the ability to cancel a running import
    An import in progress can be canceled by right-clicking on it in the grid and selecting “Cancel Import”


  • Added module grid formatter for boolean columns (display Yes / No / - instead of 1/0/-)

  • Added boolean filters to grid module filter lists

Motion 2

  • Fixed an issue with Country combo in address field set not selecting the correct value on initial load in form tasks

  • Add "Auto Log Out" settings for KickOff and TaskSequence modules

  • Ability to specify a message sender for each workflow
    A custom message sender can be specified on each workflow version. Trigger, task, and reference messages from the workflow will use the custom sender.

  • Added ability to use the session person id in the Motion 2 variables
    New smarty variable name is{$sessionPersonId}

  • Fixed forms that load data from repeatable entities to load the correct saved one

Payment Processors

  • Disable duplicate detection when processing automatic payments with Authorize.NET

  • Improve Authorize.NET error handling for failed payments

  • Added ability to save/import masked routing numbers

  • Changed transaction grid to retain column/sort configuration upon admin reload


  • Hide datagroup values from search filters that have no search results

Site Planner

  • Added ability to remove owned content items from CRM details window

  • Fixed issues causing Site Plan move operation to delete wrapper items

  • New JavaScript Snippet module for adding custom javascript to site pages

  • Change minimum characters for search fields
    Change search field in Site Plan and Content Explorer to filter with a minimum of 3 characters instead of 4


  • Added custom icons and colors for Spark events and outcomes

  • Render available variables when sending a Spark Message
    All variables from Spark events output can now be used in the “Send Message” outcome’s subject and body.


  • Fixed third-level ACL roles not being registered on system updates

  • Added new group roles specific to sections of the Groups tab in Users adminThree new roles were added in Components / Users / Groups (Users, Groups, GroupUsers). These roles can be used to control access to the three panels in Admin / Users / Groups.


  • Added Newsletter webhook events

  • Optimize webhook triggering process to prevent processing and saving empty webhook triggers in the database

  • Add Historic Gift webhooks to the list in admin

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 10:11 AM

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