Site Stacker Release 2.28


  • Added accounting code to Advocacy Campaigns


  • Ability to order contribution batches by 'amount', ''received', 'created', and 'modified'.


  • Fixed a layout issue with scrollbars in admin Menu / Search toolbars

  • Fixed an issue in admin edit on transactions / recurring gifts with amount being reset when changing campaigns in campaign dropdown

  • Prevent “Checkout Campaign Checkbox” module from rendering “null” when “Show Learn More” option is OFF


  • Fixed saving addresses from Edit Profile modules that are using the "responsive" view. This happened only when "Hide Address Type" setting was enable in the module.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed entity fields to overwrite existing entity fields with the same alias.


  • Fixed order for multi-select datagroup fields

  • Added ability to import data groups and use imported data groups External Identifier in Architect, CRM Entities, and other data group imports

Field Types

  • Fixed “required” red asterisk not visible when character counter is enabled in text fields

  • Added ability to configure some field types to bypass the max length validation when needed
    Added new setting “Permissive Max Length” for Text, TextArea, HtmlEditor, and TinyMCE field types. If checked, when updating a record and the loaded value length is too big, the field max length will be increased to the length of the loaded value. This allows decreasing the max length of fields without causing issues when editing records with values that exceed the new max length.

  • Added "Alias not unique" error messages for dynamic fields under the dynamic types (Architect, CRM Entity, and Datagroup)

Historic Giving

  • Fixed various issues with balance reporting (double the amount) and From filter not working


  • Changed import process to stop on first error found with invalid columns

  • Changed import progress window to show the last 5 errors that occurred during import process

  • Added ability to run imports in background

Motion 2

  • Minor improvements to Trigger form and window

  • Fixed "Fixed Date" trigger, triggering on task completion

  • Fixed notification trigger sometimes being triggered multiple times

  • Fixed issue where moving/deleting tasks and landmarks would corrupt the Workflow tree, causing some tasks to disappear

  • Added warning icon in the Workflows tree to indicate tree data corruption
    Hovering the cursor over the warning icon will provide more details about the tree corruption.

  • Added icons to Workflows and Roles right click menus

  • Added ability to search in Motion 2 workflows
    This will search through names, titles and descriptions of landmarks, tasks and triggers.

  • Overwrite prior trigger delay if triggered again

  • Allow user to set specific date on a delayed trigger by using a field configured in a form task
    This can be configured by choosing the “Based on form date field” option in the Trigger delay configuration and then choosing a date field that has been previously added to the form. The “Relative to source” option (default) is the same behavior as it was prior to this release.

Site Planner

  • Fixed issues with change log not showing up correctly for modified/created/deleted architect items in content explorer

  • Added ability to specify “Edit Content Item Site Page” for “Person Content Items” grid module

  • Allow editing of any content item that is owned by the Editor (not just the first item)


  • New Spark Event for Person Photo Create/Update

  • New Spark Outcome for setting focal point coordinates of an image

System Messages

  • Added household_name and household_external_id properties to global "Receiver" system message variable


  • Improvements to static files loading in Base and child templates
    NOTE! The Base template should be updated as well, if an update is available.


  • Changed text for failed login attempts in login module to “The username or password you entered is incorrect. Please try again.”

  • Skip the SAML identity provider selection screen if there's only one identity provider configured


  • Improved speed of background Webhook deliveries

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 10:37 AM

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