Site Stacker Release 2.30


  • Added a new setting to the “Related Campaigns” module to hide the campaign owner

  • Always show the donations/participants grid on the advocacy detail page if the viewer is the campaign owner

  • Fixed progress bar going over 100% when a campaign has exceeded its goal in the "Active Campaigns" module


  • Added CRM entity data into the person endpoint


  • Fixed start date, next run date, and payment method dropdown in Edit Recurring Popup module

  • Added support for refunding/reversing multiple contributions from admin

  • Fixed Contribution report to include the total amount on all main groups

  • Fixed logic for Monthly goal module to show stats for the current month

  • Added default country feature to the checkout page
    The country field will be hidden by default and it will default to the country specified in the Locations component site channel settings.

  • Added a new site channel setting to specify custom text for the Add Card button on the checkout page

  • Added channel setting for specifying a title for the recurring section of the checkout page

  • Improvements to the Campaign Fixed Amounts feature
    Added fixed amounts grid in the Campaign Info panel in the Site Planner edit item window.
    Ability to add default fixed amounts on campaign categories and content folders.

  • Added partial recurring site channel setting that enables the ability to have mixed recurring and non-recurring gifts on the same checkout page


  • Added developer tool to fix row format issue on MySQL clients


  • Fixed CRM Record module basic fields visibility based on ACL permissions

  • Duplicate scanning and CRM Merge improvements

  • Display the number of duplicates in the CRM grid panel.

  • Allow ordering and open a window on click to show the possible duplicates for that record.

  • Add support for merging CRM records with Motion 2 data.

  • Fixed merging CRM entities.

  • Improved merge scan progress in the admin.

  • Added "New Phone Added" and "Phone Updated" system messages. These are sent when a new phone is added and when an existing phone is updated.

Historic Giving

  • Added notes column to historic giving export

  • Change historic giving export to hide anonymous donation donor fields

  • Fixed PDF statements printing blank page when exporting from the second page of the grid

  • Fixed PDF print statements unable to render multiple statements

  • Speed improvements to chart dataset

  • Added ability to filter the chart by the custom range


  • Added external id and phone type id fields to person phone import

  • Allow specifying the 'created' datetime when importing notes for people through the Import component

  • Fixed import rollback grid loading issue


  • Change state field to be always displayed in alphabetical order

  • Added setting to disable legacy fields for country/state/city

  • The setting was added as a checkbox “Disable Legacy Address” on the site channel settings for the Locations component. By choosing this setting, default HTML dropdowns will be used for country and state fields.

Payment Processors

  • Fixed an issue with IATS that caused edited check payment methods to be switched to Savings account type

  • Fixed PayPal recurring cancellation issue caused by a change in the PayPal API

  • Implemented refund for card transactions in Paperless payment processor


  • Update API Key for Scripture Passage API call


  • New "Selected Filters" setting for the Search Results module

  • When this is enabled it will display below the filters a list of all the currently applied filter values. This provides a better view of the applied filters and an easy way to remove them.

Site Planner

  • Prevent pasting folders in Content Explorer into themselves or into child folders


  • Add new outcome 'Set a fixed value for accounting code for campaign(s) owned by a CRM record'

System Messages

  • Allow initiating the conversation from the email inbox

  • In case the receiver hits "Reply" instead of "Reply All", the admin has the possibility to send an email to the SendGrid inbound email address and add the person's (name and) email on the subject field, to record that into the person's CRM activity.

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 10:10 AM

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