Site Stacker Release 2.31

Content Map

  • Add “popup width” setting for the Content Map module


  • Added error_message and error_code variables to Contribution Declined system message

  • Fixed a typo in checkout tribute information section


  • Added CRM ID as available column and filter in CRM Grid module

  • Fixed an issue caused by stopping the duplicate scanning process

  • Fixed a bug in CRM Grid module that was rendering datagroup values as ID numbers

  • Optimized query used to fetch the possible duplicate person count in admin CRM grid


  • Allow specifying 'campaign_id' when importing Historic Gifts, and populate 'campaign_external_id'

  • Don't overwrite CRM records that have the same email, when importing. Throw an error instead

  • Prevent sending system messages when importing data

Motion 2

  • New Group Progress module

  • This module can be used to show the progress of applicants for each landmark or each task

Payment Processors

  • Fixed an issue when multiple payment processors on different sites are configured with the transparent redirect option

  • Changed PaymentSpring EFT refunds to be marked as pending by default so that they can be verified during the week

  • Removed unwanted error message popup after deleting a payment method from My Payment Methods module

  • Fixed an issue with refunds on Cornerstone Payment
    Processor causing error: "You are not authorized to refund this transaction"


  • Update API v2 to v3 due to API v2 deprecation, when retrieving passages from ESV

Site Planner

  • Fixed an issue with IP info location causing occasional errors

  • New "Cookie Policy Notice" module

  • This module displays a notice at the bottom of the screen containing a customizable message, a link to the full privacy policy page (optional), and a button to accept the policy.

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 09:37 AM

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