Site Stacker Release 2.32


  • Fix saving activities when using the inbound SendGrid email address in some cases where the activity doesn't get saved because of invalid UTF-8 characters. This is a Windows (MSSQL) problem only.

  • Added date field to activity import

  • Added ability to import activities and activity people.


  • Added ability to delete advocacy campaign goal records from the admin side if the record is not associated to a contribution record


  • Add tribute gifts variables to Contribution Receipt, Contribution Receipt (Admin), Last Recurring Batch, Contribution Declined, Contribution Declined (System Error), Recurring Scheduling Confirmation system messages

  • Added Campaign External ID to expanded transaction/recurring views in admin

  • Added Campaign ID to Transaction / Recurring View expanded details.

  • Added Campaign ID, Campaign External ID and User Campaign ID to Recurring Campaign View.

  • Added campaign_id and content_item_id variables to "Donation Confirmation to Campaign Owners" system message

  • Added filter for refunds / refunded transactions in Contributions admin

  • Added filters for Accounting Code/Inventory Status fields on Campaign Views

  • Added Inventory Status column on expanded transaction view

  • Added library used to embed/integrate SiteStacker checkout page on other sites

  • Added new Campaign Category setting to customize display name of Campaigns via smarty template

  • Added new site channel component settings to customize title and description in transfer fee section of the checkout form

  • Added new site channel setting to allow checkout tribute recipient title customization
    Changed tribute recipient field labels in checkout page

  • Added new site channel setting to customize "Add New" payment method button text

  • Added setting to hide delete button on items in summary view on checkout page.

  • Added setting to hide registration section on checkout thanks page

  • Change popups to scroll and align to key elements on certain global template configuration

  • Changed to disable redundant start date field when using PayPal payment method on checkout form

  • Changed to hide redundant ReCAPTCHA when PayPal payment method is used on checkout page

  • Fixed an issue causing the cart summary on checkout to not be refreshed when any change is made to any of the items

  • Fixed PayPal option not showing up on the checkout page if check payments are disabled

  • Fixed Thank You page sometimes not showing the registration form after a PayPal contribution

  • Added tribute note field on the checkout page

  • Prevent deletion of advocacy campaign if it has associated contributions
    Highlight deleted advocacy campaigns throughout admin interfaces

  • Receipts can now be sent for offline donations as well.
    New configuration condition added to receipt system message for online/offline flag

  • Removed "Recipient" word from tribute recipient phone and address field labels on the checkout page


  • Added person email import.

  • Added address_type_id to person address import

  • Changed relationship grid filter to show a person filter as well in accordion layout when there is no selection for a person in the filter configuration

  • Fixed a bug in Edit Profile module that was preventing saving a phone number if the phone type field was hidden


  • Added 10 minutes offset when checking if cron jobs are running
    This will lower the rate of false alert messages regarding stopped cron jobs


  • Use content item's display field for the Disqus title

Field Types

  • Fixed an issue that was loading incorrect display value for date field types


  • Fix various issues with cesium map module

Historic Giving

  • Added Accounting Code, Inventory Status and Extra Data columns/filters to historic gifts

  • Added currency filter/column and raw amount to historical giving grid.

  • Added new historic giving grid module setting to show anonymous fields in grid/exports

  • Added new report module configuration to show/hide anonymous donor fields

  • Added offline_type and payment_method_type column to historic giving import

  • Added the ability to hide the csv export tool in the historical giving grid.

  • Change Historic Gift import to add owner from matched campaign (via campaign_id or campaign_external_id)

  • Fixed an issue in historic gift admin edit not changing the donor on the gift (and other fields from the donor)

  • Fixed issues causing grid to show all report data for non logged in user.


  • Remove the need to specify the 'external_person_is_group' field when importing addresses, phones, notes, files, entities, relations and record types for CRM records

Motion 2

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the task queue to stop

  • Fixed columns order in Group Progress module

  • Fixed Relationship and Record Type filters in Group Progress module

Payment Processors

  • Add hosted fields support (SAQ-A iframe handling) to Braintree payment processor

  • Added filter for card type in payment processors transaction grid

  • Added update_profile parameter in Cornerstone processor api calls

  • Tweaks to Braintree hosted fields wrappers


  • Add ability to use 'Gender', 'Birth Year' and 'Birth Month' as custom filters in the search module.

  • Fix search module "Randomize results" to reflect the user's session, so the user doesn't lose track (e.g. after coming back from a detail page).

Site Planner

  • Fix to maintain cookie lifetime when closing the browser in "Cookie Policy Notice" module.

Task Queue

  • Improve task job queue speed

  • Optimized speed of job queue cleanTasks cron job


  • Added new option to register popup module that allows users to quickly switch to the login popup module

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 09:30 AM

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