Site Stacker Release 2.33


  • Fixed a bug in the My Recurring Gifts module that was preventing users from editing and saving gifts that were made as an organization

  • Fixed PayPal recurring not synchronizing the end date and amount correctly between SiteStacker and PayPal

  • Fixed recurring start date not being disabled if PayPal is selected first as a payment method and the recurring checkbox is checked afterward on the checkout page

  • Fixed recurring PayPal gifts that had their designation changed still using the old designation

  • Fixed thank you page sometimes showing a zero amount after a PayPal contribution

  • Made source codes available to use in transaction APIs

  • Added offline recurring giving functionality
    To create a new offline recurring gift from admin the “Offline Recurring” option must be chosen in the Type dropdown. Offline recurring, unlike online recurring, will not be processed automatically for every recurring cycle. Offline gifts can be manually added and associated with the offline recurring schedule via the new dropdown “Associated Offline Recurring”


  • Fixed special characters not working when searching in the CRM module

Historic Giving

  • Added the 'receiver_person_external_id' field in the HistoricGift endpoint to be able to match a receiving person by external_id, instead of only by id

  • Changed account balance pdf print to take into account "filter by receiver" setting from the linked grid module

  • Fixed an issue in the Account Balance module print link that didn't filter by the person you were looking at

  • Fixed import errors when using both deductible and nondeductible amounts, when they are reported as not equal to the amount, in some edge cases.

  • Removed deleted/external_id fields from the Additional Data section of Historical Giving Import documentation


  • Allow the import tool to specify whether an email match should occur in order to overwrite a CRM record
    The _match_by_email column needs to be set to 1 in the import CSV to overwrite the record, or left out or set to 0 to prevent overwriting

Motion 2

  • Fixed the Due Date column in the TaskList module

Payment Processors

  • Added source codes to memo[source_id] field in Cornerstone processor transaction APIs

  • Fixed blank 'Gateway Code' when exporting payment methods as CSV from admin.

  • Use new stored_credentials flag for Payeezy card transactions

Site Planner

  • Allow saving HTML tags in WYSIWYG fields from the "Content Item Editor" module


  • Added spark events for new contribution transactions and recurring schedule reminders
    The event names are “New Transaction” and “Recurring Schedule Reminder”. The difference between the “New Transaction” and “New Contribution” spark events is the transaction event will be triggered once per transaction, and the contribution event will be triggered for each designation.

System Messages

  • Receipts can now be sent for offline donations as well. New configuration condition added to receipt system message for online/offline flag.


  • Added new settings to the Register Popup module to customize the popup title and the submit button text

Other bug fixes and improvements

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 10:06 AM

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