Site Stacker Release 2.38


  • Added a new advocacy category setting to hide comments for private gifts.
  • Fixed a bug that was not loading the correct category wording values in the front end.
  • Added a new advocacy category setting to hide comments for private gifts.
  • Fixed a bug that was not loading the correct category wording values in the front end.


  • Fixed an issue where offline recurring gifts with a run date in the past did not add to the monthly recurring amount.
  • Expose "Owner ID" in the Contribution Campaign view, in admin.
  • Added type condition to Cancel and Hold Recurring spark Events.
  • Fixed type condition for New Recurring spark Event.
  • Fixed an issue where removing the affiliate from the recurring payment in admin would not actually remove the affiliate.
  • Added new site channel settings and panel for an alternate organization giving options in the contribution checkout form.
  • Fixed an issue in admin multiple campaign entries where quantity would be incorrectly saved on a previous record without quantity.
  • Changed new alternate affiliated giver channel settings labels for clarity.
  • Changed various functionality in the contribution transaction edit window to account for refunds.
  • Fixed Giving Options module listener for dynamically loaded items.
  • Added soft credit fields to contribution system messages that contain campaign information.

Cron Jobs

  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain cron jobs to not install automatically.


  • Improve CRM admin speed by deferring entity field permissions until the entity group tab is activated.
  • Fix bug on Crm Record, full-name wasn't being saved.


  • Fix bug on PDF print/export profile image.

Historic Giving

  • Fixed an issue where modules would crash when linked to a historical transaction grid that uses the household filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the household filter would crash the account balance module.
  • Fixed an issue where the account balance report would crash when used with a household filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the historic giving master filter could be sometimes ignored by metrics modules (this month, this year ...etc).
  • Added groupable accounting code variable to historic giving balance module template.
  • Fixed an issue where export records grid action would not get data when the master filter is used.
  • Fix bug on historical statements grid, datagroups values were not being labeled correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where printing giving statements pdf would result in a blank page.


  • Added progress bar for import rollback. Change rollback to non-session locking.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause ZipArchive to run endlessly when an import is run from a canceled/stalled state.

Payment Processors

  • Fixed an issue where "Customer ID Invalid" was raised on merged CRM records.
  • Fixed an issue where certain customer profile codes were missing in the Braintree processor.
  • Fixed an issue where updating cards/checks would result in errors.
  • Fixed an issue where the field account name on eCheck would generate an error when the length was larger than 22 characters.


  • Fixed issues when using datagroup/entity filters in the group progress module.


  • Fix the autocomplete field when trying to search for values to filter the report.
  • Improve "Year / Month Filter" module:
  • allow configuring relative years starting from the current year, by using zero or negative numbers
  • allow hiding the month field and only show the year filter
  • update instruction texts
  • Change default rows per page from 5 to 10.


  • Fix a weird bug when you would get inconsistent results when having the Search Results module published on the same page, first with no results and second with no fields.


  • Add a new event "Report Export" and a new outcome "Lock Contributions" in the Reports component to be able to lock contributions when a report is exported.
  • Caution! The report needs to have a 'contribution_batch_id' column identifier configured in order for the Spark outcome to work, otherwise, it will throw an error at export.

PDF Templates

  • Fix a bug in the editor showing broken images as thumbnails in the editor when creating PDF templates.
  • Allow duplicate "Template Units" when creating PDF templates so it is easier to create new templates by tweaking an existing template.
  • Increase template_unit `name` length to 50.


Other small fixes and stability improvements.


Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 09:47 AM

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