Site Stacker Release 2.39


  • Fixed an issue in the New Participant system message that was causing the $Advocacy.campaign_url to point to the wrong location
  • Fixed goal, progress, and achieved goal sections in the Related Campaigns module
  • Added missing values for the advocacy campaign completed column when exporting to CSV


  • Overhauled UI and process for offline batch entry.
  • Added import templates for offline batch draft entry data.
  • Fixed an issue where draft import would generate the error 'Can only import to bundles that are in draft mode'
  • Fixed a percentage logic used on determining the status of a submitting offline batch
  • Changed offline import to still save a blank campaign record if the campaign external ID is not matched
  • Changed "Spark Recurring Designation Reminder" to support before/after date values
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a designation from contribution transactions would not occur
  • Fixed an issue where you could specify a larger recurring start date than the end date on the checkout page


  • Changed to disable cache earlier and avoid using Redis when running cron job scripts


  • Fixed issues with activity and crm record type import on new person_id columns
  • Allow the "Export to Mailchimp" action on the CRM Grid, to be enabled or disabled using the module config (is enabled by default)
  • Added index to person relations to help improve the load speed of person relations-related grids
  • Fixed an issue in the CRM Merge tool that could create duplicate phone numbers when merging CRM records
  • Fixed an issue where certain data groups would not load in the CRM Record module
  • Changed to include CRM Files when merging CRM records

Field Types

  • Change to not allow blank max/min length setting in Text Field Type

File Manager

  • Disabled Edit button in file view for image files

Historic Giving

  • Fixed an issue where the linked "Module Item Instance" setting would break the statement grid module
  • Enable Google Maps view in the Historic Giving module, similar to CRM Grid "Map View"
  • Fixed an issue where adding new designations to a transaction would not create them in historic gifts
  • Added Historic Giving Debit module to create ledger records of amount transfers between campaigns
  • Fixed an issue that would allow failed transactions to go to historic giving.
  • Removes failed contributions that got reflected in historic gifts
  • Fixed an issue where entity data group filters would stop the giving/statement grid on loading


  • Added person_id fields to Activity, Entity, CRM Record Type, Person Note, and Relation Type import templates
  • Fixed an issue where progress for import/rollback would not be cleared
  • Changed default "Run Import" action to Running Import files in the background
  • Added person_id field and logic to Address, Phone, Email, Photo, and Group User assignment imports


  • Fixed an issue with the Date Grid Filter not initially loading on saved preset

Motion 2

  • Fixed an issue that was causing progress module tooltips to show cutoff

Payment Processors

  • Changed Payment Spring API used for tokenizing credit card information
  • Fixed an issue in the edit payment method page where it was loading transparent/iframe-enabled forms from other sites
  • Change Paperless processor to always respond with error "Card CVV Number Missing" when cvv is missing on credit card updates
  • Payeezy: fixed an issue that could cause a transaction to update the card with blank information


  • On filters, fix the useless request that was fired when an empty group was created, with no conditions on it
  • Add a new "Collapsible Columns" config in the Report module to choose to collapse columns based on the available horizontal space on the page or show all columns, which will add scrolling.
  • Small UI improvements make the segment and total rows darker and add the ability to have "Totals" columns that will be bold throughout all rows of the column.
  • Fix pagination styling in some cases when an autocomplete field is used on the page with a report, for example, the Year/Month Module filter.
  • New operators "is blank", and "is not blank" added to reports filters, to filter records by columns that are blank/null.


  • Changed to render Transformed Variable data for usage in message outcome

Other small fixes and stability improvements.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 09:44 AM

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