Site Stacker Release 2.46


  • Added new site channel settings to show ReCaptcha based on the number of failures out of a certain amount of attempts
  • Added soft credit fields to recurring import
  • Fixed an issue where having restricted recurring payment days would cause check payments to fail with validation errors
  • Fixed an issue with the fee campaign not receiving an anonymous flag
  • Fixed Deposit Date display issue in offline batch entry window
  • Fixed an error when attempting to edit recurring donations that used Paypal as a secondary processor
  • Fixed an issue where imported contributions were always flagged as offline
  • Fixed an issue where the last received column would not have any value for offline recurring gifts when submitted as part of an offline batch
  • Added offline type and offline reference fields to the contribution campaign view
  • Added a new option on contribution categories to grab total raised amounts from Historic Giving


  • Fix the "Location Radius" filter not working
  • New "CRM Map" module that shows all CRM records distributed on a map based on the record's default address, with the ability to customize the details shown when clicking on a map pin
  • Added new settings on Person Files Grid, to hide/show the bulk download action, the edit, delete, and download action per row, and the main upload button

Historic Giving

  • Added new Campaign Category filter for the Historic Giving Grid module
  • Various fixes related to Person Merges on historic gifts
  • Fixed an issue in the statements module where the email statement feature was not working

Motion 2

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing multi-entity fields filtering from working correctly in the Group Progress module

Payment Processors

  • Added a new Cron job that scans for updated card information in processor
  • Change to include skip_avs and skip_cvv parameters when charging imported cards or when payment is automatic in the Payment Spring Processor
  • Fixed an issue in Payment Spring processor integration where address information fields were not tokenized
  • Updated Braintree clientside SDK to the latest version


  • Add support for UNION [ALL] between datasets in a report, for advanced uses
  • Add 'Order By' empty text for reference: "column ASC/DESC"
  • Do not use the cents symbol in a report view or CSV export. Display instead the dollar amount with decimals (e.g. ¢3 will show as $0.03)


  • Improve the search indexing from Site Planner by performing it in the background. TaskQueue needs to work properly for this to work


  • Fixed an issue where the "Update owned campaign external ID" outcome would instead mark the external id as blank instead of updating it

System Messages

  • Improved send system message window in admin to correctly render all supported variables

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 08:55 AM

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