Site Stacker Release 2.50


  • Remove the Google Plus share icon since that social network was deprecated by Google.
  • Fixed HTML Entities in the Category Summary module.



  • Added a new setting to render all fields into a single consolidated field in the Unknown Giving module.
  • Fixed an issue where the Canadian check hint image would not show up on the help icon.



  • Changed to allow relationship columns to show up in CRM grid module CSV exports.
  • Improved load/render speed for CRM admin edit window.
  • Fixed boolean field value in CRM Detail module.
  • Added support for sorting based on the field configuration in CRM Detail entity dropdown fields.
  • Fixed date of birth field type bad formatting error message to match the required format.


Historic Giving

  • Added grid module aggregates framework for SUM, AVG, MIN, and MAX on number/date fields.
  • Fixed an issue with sorting and pagination in the historic giving grid where columns can have similar values.
  • Added ability to edit site/site channel on historic gift admin edit window.
  • Changed charts, metrics, and reports linked to grids to also filter by soft credit similar to giving grid.



  • Added support for Sponsor and Child offline letters.
  • Fixed offline letter uploading process.
  • Updated letter spark events to support offline letter conditions. Added a new setting to Download Offline Letter custom action to mark the letter as delivered after download.
  • Fixed letter spark event conditions.


  • Allow in the "Subscribe to Mailchimp" module in the admin, select default "record types" that will be added to the person, and therefore this will also be tagged in Mailchimp.



  • Changed to hide incompatible filters for each module.



  • Improved the detection of missing columns when models are deleted, to make it easier to find columns that need attention.
  • Improved copy/pasting datasets to retain the correct column order.



  • Fixed to make "external_id" and "campaign.goal_amount" sortable in the Search Results module. 



  • Changed "Content Item Create" to also apply content folder defaults when creating content items.

Modified on Mon, 18 Sep 2023 at 11:59 AM

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