New View Classes In The Base Template Enhancements Release

New View Classes:

  1. For Basic Wrapper:
    • Background
      • Angled (Colors 1-4): Makes the wrapper have a downward slant through the middle of the content
      • Angled Top (Colors 1-4): Makes the wrapper have a downward slant at the top of the content
      • Bottom Half (Colors 1-4): Makes the wrapper have the bottom half colored while leaving the other half transparent (gives a slight overlapping effect this way)
    • Flexing
      • Center Content Horizontally: This will center content based on how wide the wrapper is (left to right)
      • Center Content Vertically: This will center content based on how tall the wrapper is (top to bottom)
      • Top Aligned Content Vertically: This aligns the content to the top of the wrapper
      • Vertical Items: This is good for layout of stacking content in a wrapper (especially with mobile views where there may be a lot of padding on certain items)
    • Shadows
      • Shadow - A shadow used for content (gives a nice touch to overlapping content)
      • Shadow Large - Doubles the shadows size
      • Shadow Small - Halves the shadows size
    • Shaping
      • Rounded Corners - These view classes will add rounded corners either to a specific corner or all corners
      • Corner Radius - These will make the rounded corners larger or smaller (with 20px being the Default rounding)
    • Special Padding
      • Padding Bottom (150px, 200px, 325px, and 550px) - All of these view Used for the Offset Container content to give the overlap effect
  2. For Offset Container:
    • Positioning
      • Offset Bottom (-120px, -220px, -60px, and -90px) - Helps with overlapping content below this wrapper
      • Offset Left/Right - Helps with shifting the content off of the screen so that it looks more flowing than blocks
      • Offset Top (-150px and -50%) - Helps overlap the content above it (either a set amount or depending on the height of the wrapper)

Modified on Thu, 04 Jan 2024 at 02:26 PM

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