Adding a Minimum and Maximum Amount to a New Donation (Campaign)

A video demonstrating minimum and maximum limits to a campaign

You can put a minimum and maximum amount on a campaign. Having a minimum and maximum amount will decline a transaction when someone donates below or above the amount that you’ve set. (An error pop-up message will appear that informs the suggested amount in order for the process to move forward.) This practice is suggested to help avoid credit card phishing.

A donor receiving an error message when entering an amount lower than the minimum

How to add a minimum or maximum amount:

1. In the Admin portal, click the Site Planner component.

2. On the Content Explorer side, look for the campaigns you want to set an amount to
3. Right-click the campaign and choose “Edit”.

The user right-clicking a campaign item and choosing “Edit”

4. On the right side of the content item, expand the 'Campaign Info' accordion

The “Campaign Info” accordion, where minimum and maximum donation amounts can be set

5. Enter the amount(s), then click 'Save & Close'.

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 10:19 AM

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