How the Letter Writing Process Works

There are 2 types of letters you can review:

  • Letters Sponsors Write to Children
  • Letters Children Write to Sponsors

There are types of status a letter you are reviewing can have:

  1. Pre Upload: When a Child to Sponsor letter template is downloaded, a letter record with this status is automatically generated.
  2. Review: When a Sponsor to Child record is created, a letter record with this status is automatically generated. When a Child to Sponsor letter is uploaded, the associated record with a Pre Upload status is automatically updated to "Review" status.
  3. Accepted: When any letter in "Review" status is "Approved" it gets this status. If it is a Child to Sponsor letter, it is then automatically sent to the Sponsor's Dashboard. If it is a Sponsor to Child letter, it is available for download and printing.
  4. Rejected: When any letter is in "Review" status, and is "Rejected" it gets this status which is the end of the letter writing workflow for the letter.

The Process of Reviewing Letters:

Sponsors write letters to children from their dashboard1. Log in to the Sponsor dashboard
2. Click on "Write a Letter" under the Actions drop-down menu next to the sponsored child
3. Write a letter and optionally upload an image
4. Submit the letter
The letter is successfully submitted and appears under "All Letters" dashboard with "Review" status
Reviewing Sponsor's Letter1. Click on "Actions ↓" menu next to the sponsor's letter in the "All Letters" dashboard
2. Select "Review Letter"
3. Edit the message if necessary
4. Choose to "Approve" or "Reject" the letter
5. Optionally, click "Cancel" to exit without making changes
The letter status is changed accordingly based on the action taken (Approve/Reject)
Printing Sponsor's Letter with Reply Page1. On the "All Letters" page, click "Show Filters". 2.Filter "Status: Accepted", "Type: Sponsor to Child Letter", and "Downloaded: No". 3. Select all letters. 4. Click on "Actions ↓" and "Download Sponsor Letters". 5. Print the downloaded letters, and ensure that a reply page with a QR code is automatically printed along with each individual letter.1. The Sponsor's letter record will be updated with a "Downloaded Date". 2. The printed sponsor's letter includes a reply page with a QR code. 3. A new Child to Sponsor letter record will be automatically generated with a status of "Pre Upload".
Uploading Scanned Child Letters1. Scan one or more child letters
2. Save the scanned file(s) as PDF
3. Navigate to the "All Letters" dashboard
4. Click on "Browse Files" in the "Upload scanned child letters" section
5. Select the scanned PDF file(s)
6. Upload the file(s)
The Child to Sponsor letter records associated with the upload change from a status of "Pre Upload" to a status of "Review".
Reviewing Child to Sponsor LettersEnsure that uploaded child letters are available for review with a "Review" statusThe uploaded child letters are available for review with a "Review" status
Overriding Uploaded Child Letter PDF1. In the Review Letters screen, locate the "Override uploaded PDF" section
2. Upload a different PDF file
3. Verify that the new PDF is used as the child's letter to the sponsor
The new PDF is successfully used as the child's letter to the sponsor
Delivery of Approved Letters to SponsorsEnsure that approved letters are delivered to the Sponsor on their Sponsorship Dashboard, and they are notified by emailApproved letters are delivered to the Sponsorship Dashboard and sponsors receive email notifications

Downloading Child Letter Templates:

As mentioned earlier, for children to write letters to sponsors, you must use the "Child Letters" template. This template provides a lined area where the child can write, and **IMPORTANTLY** has a QR code on it. Without this QR code, Site Stacker will not be able to match the Child's letter to the Child and Sponsor's record.

Downloading Child Letter Templates1. Navigate to the "Child Sponsorship" menu on the left
2. Click on "Manage Letters"
3. Select "All Sponsored Children" from the menu at the top
4. Use "Show Filters" to find the desired child(ren)
5. Select one or more child records
6. Click on the "Actions ↓" button
7. Select "Download Child Letters"
1. A letter page with a QR code is downloaded for the child to write their letter on. 2. A new Child to Sponsor letter record is created with a status of "Pre Upload".
Writing Letters using Child Letter TemplateEnsure that children write their letters using the downloaded Child Letter template, which includes a lined area for writing and a QR codeChildren write their letters on the provided lined area of the template and ensure the QR code is present
Matching Child's Letter to Sponsor's RecordVerify that Site Stacker can match the Child's letter to the Child and Sponsor's record using the QR codeSite Stacker successfully matches the Child's letter to the corresponding Child and Sponsor's record
Overall ProcessEnsure the entire process from downloading templates to matching letters is smooth and efficientThe process is completed successfully without any issues

Solving Issues with Uploaded Letters that are Unmatched:

Load the Match Letters page of the Dashboard.1. From your Dashboard: Home > Child Sponsorship Dashboard
2. From Child Sponsorship Menu: Manage Letters
3. At top of page: Match Letters
The Match Letters page loads.
Navigate the Match Letters view.1. Theh first unmatched letter will automatically be presented in PDF view.
2. If there is more than one unmatched letter you can view each one by clicking "Next" or "Previous" on the menu to the left of the PDF view.
3. If it says "There are no letters to be matched" that means no uploaded letters failed to find a match at this time.
You can view and navigate unmatched letters.
Match the Letter.1. For each letter you view, there is a list of Available Letters that have a "Pre Upload" status.
2. Search this list and find the letter record that matched the PDF in view.
3. Select the matching record and click "Save".
1. The unmatched letter will now be matched and the letter status will update from "Pre Upload" to "Review".
2. The next unmatched letter for review will automatically load. If there are no more unmatched letters, the "There are no letters to be matched" message will be displayed.

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