Donor Dashboard Management

The donor dashboard is a dashboard for a user to be able to manage their profile, giving, payment methods, or campaigns (advocacy) that they may have created. The donor dashboard is accessible only to users who have created an account in Site Stacker. This means that the user already has set up a password for them to log into the website.

If a user has not created a user in Site Stacker yet, they can either do the following:

  • For legacy users that have been part of an import as CRM into Site Stacker, they will need to create a password associated with the email that was imported into Site Stacker.
      • This process is mostly part of the communications strategy given to the organization before going live with the new website. The User will have to access the Initiate Password page from this URL structure:{}/user/initiate-password 
  • For new users who would want to create a new account within Site Stacker, they can do so by clicking the 'Login' or 'User icon' button (depending on the template). From there, they can proceed to create a new account with Site Stacker.

Once a user has already created a password or set up an account with Site Stacker, they can then see the donor dashboard by clicking on the 'My Account' or 'User Icon' button (depending on the client's template). The user should now see a list of new sub-menus usually:

  • My Giving - This is where a user can manage their giving history, recurring donations, or payment methods.
  • My Campaigns - This is where a user can manage all advocacies/campaigns created via a parent campaign from the website.
  • My Profile - This is where a user can update their CRM basic information such as; profile pictures, passwords, mailing address, and phone numbers.
  • My Sponsored Children (for Child Sponsorship clients) - This is where a sponsor can view their child's record or initiate to 'Write a letter'.  

Modified on Mon, 25 Sep 2023 at 09:43 AM

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