How to Log and Track Soft Credits in Site Stacker

When a donation comes in from a foundation like the National Christian Foundation (NCF), we should acknowledge it properly. 

First would be to log this donation with the National Christian Foundation as the donor, and the individual advising the transfer of funds will be logged as the "Soft Credit". Additionally, you can log offline recurring contributions to already have the correct soft credit for scheduled transactions.

For example, Brian Carter might advise NCF to donate quarterly $5,000 for the cause he is passionate about. 

When processing offline batch entries, we can specify the soft credits in the split designation screen. If there are multiple soft credits on a single check, we can handle each separately on each designation. For instance, NCF might send a single check for 3 individuals each giving a different amount for donations to be transferred out of their respective accounts to the non-profit.

When viewing a donor record in the contributions campaign view, we can clearly see the full picture. For example, Brian Carter's involvement with NCF and the Soft Credits he's associated with are visible. 

Relationships between CRM records and donor-advised funds (DAF) can be managed efficiently. Organizing this connection with record types, like categorizing under "donor-advised fund donor" helps quickly segment and manage CRM records giving this way. 

It's important to ensure accuracy in tracking giving patterns and donor information to facilitate tax credit eligibility. These individuals have already received tax credits, which won't reflect in their yearly statements but can be visible in their dashboard, where they will identify the Donor as the foundation.

View of the individual

View of the foundation

When users like Brian Carter log into their dashboard, we can present their NCF gift clearly, including any soft credits. This clarity assures donors that their contributions have been correctly recorded and transferred.

Modified on Fri, 01 Mar 2024 at 03:08 PM

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