Add or Edit a Recurring Donation on Behalf of a Donor

  1. Open “Contributions”.
  2. Click the “Recurring View” tab and then click “Menu/Search” to search for a donor's name.
    Please note that the donor's profile can also be found in the CRM component.
  3. To edit an existing recurring gift, search for it, right-click on it, and click “edit” from the pop-up menu.  To enter a new recurring gift click “Add a Contribution”.
  4. To add a new gift, make sure “Online” type gift is selected. Remember, this will actually result in a “live funded” gift against the donor’s credit card or checking account. If the donor’s desired payment method is already on file, select it. If not, click the small disk icon and add their CC or Checking info first. Finally, use the recurring field to choose a recurring interval and run date, and then fill out the Campaign section with designation details.
  5. To edit an existing gift, you can modify campaign designations, designation amounts, the payment method, the frequency of recurrence, or the run date.
  6. Recurring will run in the early morning hours on the next run date. If setting up a new to editing a recurring and the next run date is today the charge will happen on save since all the recurring has already run.
  7. Don’t forget to verify your work including new amounts and then Submit.

Modified on Fri, 26 Apr 2024 at 09:48 AM

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