Batch Entry

1. Batch entry is found inside the ‘Contributions’ component under the giving header.

2. When in the contributions tab, go to the left of the screen and click Batches tab.

3. The Contribution Batches Screen allows you to view Entered, Deposited, Receipted and Draft batches.

4. The Contribution Batches can be viewed and sorted by these columns.

  • Batch ID (Number assigned by Site Stacker based on first created batch in system)
  • Site (This determines what installation the batch has been entered into)
  • Site Channel (The website/ministry that the gift is associated with)
  • Entered By (the person who entered the batch)
  • Gifts in Batch (The amount of gifts in the batch)
  • Total Amount (The total amount of the all gifts in batch)
  • Status (The Status of the batch Entered, Deposited, Receipted and Draft)
  • Batch Code (Batch Code is entered when a new batch is created. The code can be any number, letter or symbo
  • Deposit Date (date the batch is deposited
  • Date/Time (Time the Batch is submitted
  • Modified (Date and Time the batch was last modified

Create a New Batch Entry

1. To create a new batch, click the Menu/Search bar and select New Batch.

2. In the New Contribution screen select your deposit date, currency, batch code, and offline type. When finished selecting your options choose Enter Gifts.

* Offline Type method defaults automatically to offline type in your new batch. Great to use if you have a majority of one type of offline gift. Example: 70% of the deposit is checks.

Batch Entry Fields

  • Donor (Donor search bar allows you to search by any crm entity for the donor who gave the gift, searchable fields example - Name, address, donor ID, email)
    • The little filing cabinet next to the donor field allows you to create a new CRM record for a new first time donor.
  • Date (Date of the check or gift given, defaults to the date of deposit)
  • Method (Refers to the method the gift is given)
  • Reference Number (Gift Reference number, typically a check number)
  • Amount (Total gift amount from that donor)
  • Campaign (the giving campaign(s) the donor has designed)
  • Affiliated (Affiliated donor on the donation)
  • Soft Credit (
  • Tribute (Tribute Gift fields)
  • Associated offline recurring (link to offline page jason is building)
  • Add Gift (Adds gift to grid below, partially saves gift until validated)
  • Cancel Gift (Resets current gift)
  • Close & Edit Entries Later (Saves current work for you to come back and work on)
  • Validate & Submit Entries (Fully submits batch to our system). Please take note that Submitting the batch entry will NOT let you edit it after. Use Submit only if the batch entry is already final.

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4. How to add multiple Designations in a batch gift

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6. All of the fields in the multiple designation screen

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