Add a Batch of Cash or Check Offline Gifts into the System

Access to the Batch Entry tool

  1. Click the ‘Contributions’ component.
  2. Click the ‘Batches’ tab found on the left side of the window.
  3. The Contribution Batches can be viewed and sorted by these columns.
    1. Batch ID (Internal reference Number assigned by Site Stacker)
    2. Site
    3. Site Channel (The website/ministry the gift is associated with)
    4. Entered By (The person who entered the batch)
    5. Gifts in Batch (The number of transactions in the batch)
    6. Total Amount (The total amount of the all gifts in batch)
    7. Status (The Status of the batch Entered, Deposited, Receipted, and Draft)
    8. Batch Code (Batch Code is entered when a new batch is created. The code can be any number, letter, or symbol. EG “CHASE 09/12 1234”)
    9. Deposit Date (date the batch is deposited)
    10. Date/Time (Time the Batch is submitted)
    11. Modified (Date and Time the batch was last modified)

Adding a new Batch

  1. Click the ‘Menu/Search’ blue bar (see image below). After clicking, the ‘New Batch’ button filters will slide out.
  2. Click the ‘New Batch’ button. This will now let you add the batch entry information needed for submission.
  3. You will be prompted for Batch Specific information you can select defaults for a few fields 
    1. When entering a transaction they will default to the deposit date unless specifically modified
    2. Offline Type can be selected to default all the transactions in the batch to that type Eg “Check”. Most clients find logging batches to match their deposits is a best practice.

  4. All data entered into this batch are held as drafts until it is Validated and Submitted

Entering the Offline Batch Details

  1. Navigating the Batch entry window
    1. The batch entry screen can be navigated just using the keyboard
    2. Once a field is filled in, the tab button will take you to the next field. 
    3. The down arrow on the keyboard will open the date fields and the dropdowns.
    4. The Enter key selects the highlighted value just like a click action
    5. Holding the Shift + arrow will let you navigate back to additional fields without needing to use the mouse
    6. Add Gift (Add’s gift to the grid below, and saves gift in the draft batch)
    7. Cancel Gift (Resets current gift)
    8. Close & Edit Entries Later (Current work is saved as a draft as gifts are added)

Adding items to the batch

  1. Donor (The donor search bar allows you to search by core CRM fields for the donor who gave the gift, searchable fields - Name, address, donor ID, email)
    1. To add a new donor select the filing cabinet next to the donor field to create a new CRM record for a new first-time donor.
  2. Date (Date of the check or gift given, defaults to the date of deposit)
  3. Method (Refers to the method the gift is given)
  4. Reference Number (Gift Reference number, typically a check number)
  5. Amount (Total gift amount from that donor)
  6. Campaign (the giving campaign(s) the donor has designed)
    1. If multiple designations are needed, hitting “enter” or selecting the filing cabinet will open the split screen.
  7. Affiliated (Affiliated donor on the donation)
  8. Soft Credit (Non Receiptable person that designated the gift commonly only on donor-advised funds can only be used on a single designation transaction in this window see 9 for multiple designations) 
  9. Tribute (Tribute Gift fields)
  10. Associated offline recurring (used to connect a gift to an offline recurring schedule)
    1. If a new offline recurring is needed select the filing cabinet next to this section to create a new recurring record for this donor.
    2. Selecting an offline recurring gift will automatically populate the designation information.

Multiple designations (splits)

  1. Quick Entry options
    1. Historic Designations
      1. If a donor is giving to the same designation you can select from designations they have given to in the past
    2. Historic Transactions
      1. If the entire transaction is identical or very close you can select one of the donor's previous transactions to fill in the campaigns as they were in a previous transaction.
  2. Soft Credit
    1. A unique soft credit can be assigned to each designation in this screen
  3. Non-Deductible 
    1. Campaigns can be marked as Non-Deductible always but there are times when a specific designation needs to be marked as such this check box will record the income but track the amount as Non-Deductible.
    2. If a gift needs to be both Deductible and Non-Deductible create two designations one recording the Deductible portion and another recording the Non-Deductible portion.
  4. Validation
    1. Site Stacker will validate that the total transaction amount matches the total for all the designations.

Validate & Submit Entries (Fully submit batch as final contributions)

  1. Gifts entered one by one are already validated however if gifts were imported validation could fail and you will be prompted to correct necessary fields.

Abandon Entries

  1. Should a draft batch be made in error the batch and all entries can be removed by clicking “Abandon Entries”

Please refer to this documentation if the batch needs to have an ‘Associated Offline Recurring’ (Pledge) information (Adding Offline Recurring in Contributions).

Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 01:41 PM

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