Importing Offline Batch Contributions

For importing offline batches, this will be done in multiple imports.
- In the admin view of Site Stacker, you will have to go to the 'Import' component
- Then click the 'Documentation' tab
From there, you should be able to see all 'templates' that can be imported into Site Stacker. When you check one of them, you can then click 'download selected', this will let you download the CSV file of the import file. Also, when you check on one of the documents, you will see the right side populate. This will show you all the columns that are in the import file as well as some description of what they are used for. The ones in 'Bold' are the required columns.
For your import, you will need three (3) import files; Offline Batch, Offline Transaction, and Offline Designation. That order is also the order for your import.
First is to import the Offline Batch (If you already have an existing batch, you can skip this but take note of the Offline Batch External ID as it is what you'll use to associate the Offline Transaction import).
Then you will import the Offline Transaction which is the Transaction Record (linked to the Offline Batch through external_contribution_bundle_id field and the external id on the offline batch).
The Offline Designation which is the Designation Record (linked to the Offline Transaction through external_contribution_batch_draft_id field and the external ID on offline transaction). Offline Transaction also has the capability to support one campaign record with the external campaign ID field (in the template) and thus if you have a transaction with only one Campaign on it you can skip the Offline Designation import and use that instead.
NOTE: When you import the import files back to Site Stacker, please keep the number on the file name. The number on the file name (Ex. 04. Person Address) is what is being used by the system to determine what kind of import it is.

Modified on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 at 01:15 PM

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