Motion 2 Testing the Workflow

Rule 1: Do not use your primary email address for creating a test user.
When testing a Motion 2 workflow, it is important not to list your primary email address when filling out the interest form as a test applicant. If this happens, your admin email and name may be replaced with your test user's information.

Rule 2: Use a unique browsing session when acting as a test user. Before filling out the interest form, you will need to open a unique browsing session. This ensures that your test applicant's email address and name will not override your primary email address and name. There are a few options for opening a separate browsing extension. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Install the SessionBox Chrome extension and open up the interest form in a SessionBox session.
  2. Use an Incognito tab.
    1. Note that multiple incognito tabs will result in a shared browsing session, not unique sessions
  3. Use a different internet browser
    1. Example: If you normally use Chrome, use Firefox for your test user 

When filling out the interest form, all fields should be blank. If you see your name and email address in the form fields, you are NOT in a unique browsing session. In this scenario, SiteStacker recognized that you are logged in, and your admin name and email will be overwritten if you submit the form. Ensure that you are in a unique browsing session before proceeding.

After completing the interest form, you can return to your test applicant's dashboard by going to the dashboard login page and logging in using your test applicant's name and password. Again, this must be done in a unique browsing session.

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 02:50 PM

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