Add Household Member Via Standard Field

In Motion 2.5 there is now a standard field called “Household Member” which allows you to add an existing household member to a workflow without the need to fill out CRM data. 

First and Last name core CRM fields need to be added to a form task with an additional checkbox/data group where an applicant can opt into selecting “add existing family/household member” which will then hide the core CRM fields and reveal the Household Member field in their place, allowing for that existing CRM household record to be added to someone’s engagement rather than being populated by CRM fields. 



  • Adding a Spouse

    • In most workflows, spouses are required to complete an application alongside the primary applicant. Currently, the main applicant is not automatically added to the spouse’s engagement unless added by the spouse. Rather than needing to fill out CRM information, a spouse can simply use the data group menu to select the main applicant that listed them as a spouse.

  • Adding other household members

    • Additionally, if other members of the household need to be added to someone’s engagement (that have been previously listed by the main applicant or imported into the system as part of a household), a contact can use the same data group to add any other household member they are associated with:

      • Children

      • Relatives

      • Siblings

      • etc.


Modified on Fri, 29 Sep 2023 at 02:04 PM

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