The Add To Cart Feature In Base Template

The add to cart feature allows users to add a gift to their cart without the page refreshing. This can be configured on any giving content.

How to configure:

  1. Open the architect component
  2. Select the giving content type that you want to add the feature to
  3. Right click on the giving content type and select manage fields
  4. You should now see all of the different fields for that content type

    Add a new field by clicking “Add” in the top left corner

  1. Fill out the following fields:

  • Type: Checkbox

  • Label: Add To Cart

  • Alias: add_to_cart

  • Box Label: Check this to add to cart without refreshing

  1. Save and Close

  2. To configure an item, open the Site Planner Component and locate the folder of the content type that you added the feature to. You can either add a new item or open an existing one, and the Add To Cart checkbox should appear at the bottom of the content item.

  3. To test, make a contribution to the giving content on the front end, and it should keep you on the same page instead of redirecting. The shopping cart will also give you a preview of the contribution made.

Modified on Thu, 30 Nov 2023 at 09:54 AM

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