How to Use Offset/Overlapping Views

  1. You will want to be in Site Planner and add a new Basic Wrapper to a demo site page (for testing purposes)
    • Position: Body
    • New View: Offset Container
    • You will see new View Classes:
      • For Positioning: Offset Bottom, Left, Right, and Top classes
      • For Sizing: Fixed Height (400px) and (650px)
  2. Depending on the content you are trying to create the Overlap effects for, you can choose a combination of these different View Classes
    • Ex: Offset Top -50%, Offset Left (90px), Fixed Height (650px)
  3. Once you have structured your first Offset Container wrapper, you will add another Basic Wrapper inside
    • View: Basic
    • “Special Padding” View Class (Padding Bottom - 150px, 200px, 325px and 550px)
      • These View Classes counter-balance the Offset containers
      • Ex: Padding Bottom (150px) - This is used for our previous example
    • You can have fun and be creative with these new Views and View Classes by trying out different combinations!

Modified on Thu, 04 Jan 2024 at 02:26 PM

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