CRM Relationships

Relationships are used to illustrate a connection between two CRM persons. They can also be used to filter contact lists in the dashboard. 

There are two types of relationships: Identical Relationships and Opposite Relationships.

Identical Relationships 
An example of an Identical Relationship would be 'Spouse'. In this example, two CRM persons would be listed as the other persons spouse.

To set up an Identical Relationship, simply choose a label and alias for the relationship.

Opposite Relationships
An example of an Opposite Relationship would be 'Husband' and 'Wife'. In this example, one person is listed as the 'Husband' and the other would be listed as the 'Wife'.

To set up Opposite Relationship, list the first side of the relationship in the Label field. Next, select the 'Opposite' setting. List the second side of the relationship in the Opposite field. Finally, create an alias that reflects the nature of the relationship. 

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 at 11:33 AM

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